Written by Daisy Jones
Photos and illustrations by John Munro
19 Monday 19th December 2011


I've had a look at your tour dates this year and it's just mental. You're pretty much in a different country each week. How is it?

Fun! We go everywhere so it's good fun. It sometimes gets tiring but 99% fun.

How do you keep yourselves sane?

We don't. What's the point? I mean, it's definitely fun to travel the world, see people in different countries with different cultures and you get to play your music to all these different people. I guess seeing the reaction we get from the crowd is how we keep ourselves sane.

And who are you most looking forward to playing to? Your favourite city?

It's so hard to tell! Whether it's going to be big festivals or pumped up small club... well, we love it. It's just the energy that people give us. In the summer we did all festivals and huge crowds and we've just been to New Zealand and Australia but we don't really have a favourite city. We've been lucky enough to not experience anyone who doesn't get our music although Japan were quite shy.

You've been described as Drum N Bass and you're also from France. The two are not often associated! How would you describe the Drum N Bass scene back in France?

It's not that big but at least the parties have always been pretty massive. We've had a real scene for about 20 years but the thing is you don't really talk about a Drum N Bass scene any more you just talk about a Bass music scene. There's like Dubstep, Drum N Bass and to some extent Electro and it that regard the scene is awesome. They go crazy on Bass music as far as I've seen. It's pounding and heavy and raging. We're lucky enough that we've seen the evolution of France starting and France discovering people like Roni Size back in the day. Today it's completely normal to go out on a Saturday night to a big club in Paris that used to do club and a Dubstep party has completely sold out.

How did you get into this genre of music and decide that it's the kind of music you wanted to make?

We all come from different musical backgrounds but we're all into Hip-Hop, Metal, House and all those things and Drum N Bass or Bass music in general was a medium that we all figured could have that heavy energy.

There's four of you in the studio so how do you get to the same conclusions in relation to your music?

We fight and we always have disagreements. With four people it's hard to get everybody happy but at least when you have the four people getting up in the studio and banging their head you know you got it and that's the song.

If you were to collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Wow. Metallica. Rage Against the Machine. All the guys that inspired us when we were kids back in the days when we were listening to tapes that had a shit sound because you've played it and rewound it so much.

What are you plans for the upcoming year? Any Don’t Panic exclusives?

We are writing our debut album so we're just writing a lot of music and we'll do the second part of the world tour which will mean going back the USA, back to Asia, back to Europe and back to Canada as well as Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, New Zealand. But for the rest of the year we'll be pretty much focussed on finishing the album. We've also just released two different remix's – a 'Play for Real' remix by The Crystal Method and we also remixed a song called 'Song Of Siren' by Dan Sena featuring Del the Funky Homosapien & Kylee Swenson. So we've got a lot of stuff running.

If you couldn't make music what would be the next best thing to make a living out of?

Porn movies.


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