Written by James Read
07 Monday 07th March 2011


What's up in France these days?

Strikes, what else?

 You've done a few remixes now - WhoMadeWho, Metronomy, Villeneuve etc. What's your favourite, and how does it stack against remixes of your tunes?

Probably the one we did for Arnaud Robotini. The one we hate? The one we did for Bot'ox, surely a mistake. 

How was it working with Jarvis Cocker?

Cool, he's a gentleman, friendly, creative, perfect.

I heard you got “Discodeine is hot” tattoed on each of your rumps. How's that working out?

We did that a long time ago, we're thinking of turning this thing into a rose.

Are you fans of codeine the drug, or just the word?

Just the words codeine & disco. 

If your music was an animal, what would it be?

A lamb. 

Describe your perfect morning.

Waking up alive (& kicking) 

Where would you go in case of a zombie attack?

To the groceries?


Their debut self-titled album is out now. For more information, visit myspace.com/discodeine

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