DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams


Written by James Ratcliffe
23 Wednesday 23rd July 2014

A modern day equivalent of the L.A. wrecking crew, Wildest Dreams is the brainchild of the near mythical DJ Harvey, an artist respected and in demand all over the world. Harvey is known for playing whatever he feels, as he feels, but always for the crowd. He’s an analogue loving DJ that utilizes reel to reel and effects all conjured live while not being afraid to also work new technology in the mix.
This new Wildest Dreams project is inspired by the landscape of Los Angeles and created as a means to keep Harvey’s multi-instrumentalist hand in, so to speak. Listen below to the album, which was chosen as a Rough Trade “Album of the Month.” Stream here.

“Wildest Dreams comes across like the soundtrack to some imaginary biker or road movie, where Dennis Hopper’s ‘Easy Rider’ streams seamlessly into Monte Hellman’s ‘Two-Lane Blacktop.’ Bassett’s drumming skills are deliriously upfront and prove he’s as capable with real instruments as he is manipulating records.” — The Wire
‘What can you say about Harvey Bassett that hasn’t been said already? The guy’s a living legend – an almost mythical character’ —  FACT Mag
“Wildest Dreams transports you to the non-stop cosmic beach party in Harvey’s head” — Uncut
“Wildest Dreams makes good on its title” — MOJO
“If Keith Richards was a DJ, he'd totally be Harvey. A libertine Englishman turned California surfer dude, Harvey has been rocking dance floors since the 1980s with his ocean-deep collection of rare disco, Pink Floyd-y space rock, off-kilter techno and anything else danceable.” – Rolling Stone [The 25 DJs That Rule The Earth]
"'Last Ride' jams the druggy, party vibe of the Sunshine State so well that he could mix it pretty readily into one of his Ibiza sets and it wouldn't skip a beat." -The Fader

Buy on iTunes here.
Tour Dates:
8/1/14 - Amsterdam - Dekmentel
8/3/14 - Dublin - Dublin City Block Party
8/9/14 - Zeebrugge, Belgium - Wecandance Festival
8/15/14 - Philadelphia - Morgan's Pier
8/23/14 - Los Angeles - FYF Fest
9/9/14 - Rovinj, Croatia - Unknown Festival
9/13/14 - Ibiza - Space
9/20/14 - Ibiza - Space
10/25/14 - Bristol - Simple Things Festival

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