DJ Vadim


Written by Blair Mishleau
07 Monday 07th February 2011

Don’t Panic chatted with the perpetually-busy Vadim to see what’s up with the release of the album, his favourite track and how he meets such wickedly-talented people.  

How’s it going sir? 

Super stressy right now. Running the label, doing promo, trying to make music and be a gigolo all at the same time. Hard work!

You’ve released a lot of music. How is Life is Moving different?

Well it’s a group project. The same voices are on every track so there is a continuance or common theme tying everything together, which is different to my solo work where I have worked with so many different people, but in the big scale of things, yes of course it's a continuation of my musical journey. It’s not like I started to make heavy metal!

Have you learned anything new after working in the industry for so long?

Not really. My whole musical life people have said NO to me and I’m still there knocking, still going, still chiseling away! I believe 100% in this. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done and there is so much more to come. Just having fun in cruise control.

I’m really into the track Overloaded. I think I may have found a new song to put on repeat on my iPod. What’s your favourite track?

Yeah I love that track and also life is moving.... I’m interested to see what people make of the album...

How’d you meet Pugs and Sabira? They’re crazy talented. 

Thank you. I met Pugs in NYC like 2006 in a bar, like all great stories start! I met Sabira at Cargo in London in 2007. Neither of them had met each other till we started the U Can't Lurn Imaginashun tour in 2009 to promote my last LP, but they gelled pretty much as soon as they got together.

So this album was inspired by your most recent tour for U Can't Lurn Imaginashun, is that right? What are the other influencers? 

Well life in general. The album was written on the road from May 2009 till Feb 2010 and is in some ways I guess a musical diary of that period in my life. The LP’s cover sums up the thing we did and saw. The after parties, people we met and countries we went to.

Where’d you record the album? Do you think it takes any spirit from the area it was made?

Well we penned it on the road in Europe and North America. Tried out things backstage, in hotel rooms, sound checks. Sabira would have her guitar and sing something. Pugs would be free styling all the time etc… It was mixed in London.

So what’s next?

I just met a singer on Facebook literally a few weeks ago. Greg Blackman from Colchester. We met up and now have like 14 songs together... I’m also doing a more beatsy electronic album. So - busy busy!


Life is Moving is hitting shelves 14 March 2011 - check it out!

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