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Written by James Read
28 Monday 28th March 2011

Roland SH-101

You've documented your immense synth, sequencer and MIDI arsenal on Cylob's site, with descriptions of where you bought them and how they work and everything. What's your favourite toy - the one you'd save in a fire - and why?

Hard to say. I'm only a gearhead in as much as I need the gear to make the music I wanna make. I suppose I'd grab my SH-101 just cos it was my first analogue synth I bought back in the 80s, for sentimental reasons. [On his website Ed notes that he "found an SH-101 in the local paper for £80. I went round and bought it, it was from these two old-age pensioners who had it on top of an organ in their front room. Some organ salesman had really done a job on them unless they were secret acid-house heads."] If I tried to rescue my Rhodes I'd just do my back in.

What's your usual working process on a new track?

It really varies. it can just be a jam with machines all running, mess around for ages and then edit it down later... but the best ones I usually have the idea in my head for a few days and then it's a more structured process of copying each idea out of my brain on to a recording until it sounds like what was in my head. I use old synths and sequencers as you noticed, I don't use computers much.

Your music has a pretty 80s sound. What are your favourite bands from the decade?

Always been much more of a singles buyer than a follower of acts or bands. In the 80s I liked Kraftwerk, Model 500, Rhythim is Rhythim, lots of chart pop.

Since it's such a nice day, what's your favourite place to go in London?

When it's sunny everywhere is nice. Today I went to Jermyn Street and looked at posh clothes and then strolled through leather lane market and up to Islington.

How's it going with your label, Breakin' Records?

I just release my own stuff now, but it's cool, I think the releases are still getting stronger. My new label Fresh Up is kicking off nicely.

Bloc Weekend sounded incredible. How was it for you?

Dopplereffekt were fantastic, also Black Devil Disco Club were cool.

What's going to happen in the future?

Everyone’s gonna buy the new single on my Fresh Up label "White Chinos" by Ike 'N' Mike. I’m gonna start releasing my back catalogue digitally as I gradually get the rights back to old stuff.


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