Written by James Read
10 Sunday 10th June 2012

It's definitely the shortest time between releases for me. The After Parties EPs came out at the end of 2010, so most of this stuff was done in the last year. Also I'm usually thinking in terms of an album pretty early in the song writing process, but this time I was just making songs and wasn't really worrying about how they could fit together or be released at all.  

How was it being the first electronic act on Sub Pop? Do you think you converted them to the MicroKorg? 

I think everybody has a MicroKorg at this point - not because of me!  And I never really thought of myself as the first electronic act on Sub Pop. Especially because the first album I did for them was Dumb Luck. That album almost feels like a rock album to me with all the vocals and live instruments.  

You had legal issues with Enya. Tell us about that? I mean, Enya seems like she'd be pretty chilled out and litigation-averse.

No actually there were no legal issues!!  I had talked to Pampa about doing a legitimate release of my Enya remixes but we decided it would be too risky.  From Youtube interviews and stuff Enya seemed really cool in her past dealings with people sampling her, but there was no way we could get to her without going through labels and management and stuff. I figured it was hopeless and was more interested in just getting the mixes out into the world. I would have loved to have a vinyl copy of them though.

You've worked with a heap of fantastic vocalists in the past. Do you have anyone else singing on this record?

Baths and Nite Jewel are the only guest vocalists on this record. I sing a little on one track as well but for the most part this record is instrumental

What do you like to get up to when you're not making music?

I do a weekly radio show on Dublab.com (Thursdays 12-2pm PST). Also I have fun messing around making videos, crocheting and golfing but I’m pretty bad at all of that. I play videogames a lot, too. 

Are you still working with Figurine or your non-Dntel solo stuff, or has it mostly been Dntel lately?

Lately I've been busy with Dntel but I hope we can get together a new Figurine album someday. I definitely would like to get back to some poppier music. Also some friends and I have an improv band called Golden Hits that we do in my living room for fun every few weeks.

I know it was from ten years ago, but then you did only get round to touring the album last year - can I clear up who Evan and Chan are? It's been bugging me for ages. It says on Wikipedia that it's Evan Dando and Chan Marshall (which would be pretty cool), but it also says [citation needed].

Yeah it's about a dream Ben had about Evan Dando and Chan Marshall.


Aimlessness is out now on Pampa Records

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