Don't Panic Exclusive - Drum and Bass War


Written by George Smith
06 Friday 06th February 2015

Sources confirm that it began when ‘Sticky’ recently started to challenge individual members of Jungle Syndicate on Facebook. He then proceeded to spark other digital beef across the various groups they operate within. This apparently lead to his account being blocked, an act he declared the work of the Syndicate however they claim no responsibility and speculate it was more likely because of “twattish behaviour”.

The Facebook war soon moved battlefield to the realms of YouTube where things really began to heat up. ‘Sticky’ released not one but two videos calling out Jungle Syndicate, which undoubtedly shook the collective to its core.

Little is known about the mysterious ‘Badman’, but it can be deduced from one of his videos that he’s “known in ends cousins”. He appears to have amassed video of over 70 ‘sets’, all played in what appears to be his Nan’s front room.

His location is unknown but appeals in one video for Jungle Syndicate to “come Bedford fams”. This claim cannot be validated as in the same video he states, “I’m here daily, working” however due to his voracious upload rate and apparent lack of things to do other drop sets for his Nan and “fend off haters”, his sincerity is dubious.

Needless to say it is expected that Jungle Syndicate are taking these jeers very seriously and an official rebuttal is expected imminently. In the mean time, a soundcloud account titled 'Sticky Bloodclot Badman' has been created apparently a satirical response to the 'Badman'. It features crudely made songs using samples of his videos which in a cruel twist of irony, undeniably sound better than any of 'Sticky's' mixes.

Thankfully however, there is a momentary lull in the offensive between the indoor-sunglasses-enthusiast and the collective, but be sure to keep posted with this Don’t Panic exclusive as sadly, this battle looks like it is far from over.

The disparraging videos can be seen here:

And here is the satirical account:

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