Don't Panic Reviews... Drumcode Halloween 2016!


Written by Gabriel Mathews
15 Tuesday 15th November 2016

Halloween, that cavalcade of 'sexy' costumes, childish antics and half hearted house parties; but along with all the ghosts, goblins and drunken morons, the occasion is a tangible opportunity for record labels, venues and DJs to show off their skills. However, a terrifying spectre has hovered above London (and much of the UK) for far longer than a night of trick or treating; a rabble of property developers, bankers, politicians and landlords, each more money hungry and culturally apathetic than the last, who've mightily kicked nightlife and young people to the curb.

Fabric, Cable, Dance Tunnel, from the dying breed of the superclubs to the drying up of the new blood, it felt like this year's Halloween would be a make up heavy, music free shit show.

But on this occasion I was wrong. Adam Beyer’s techno label Drumcode teamed up with visionary events company LWE to reignite London nightlife; an eight hour long day party with an astonishing lineup. Its location, Tobacco Dock, has become a stomping ground for huge parties, all old timey tunnels and vast warehouse rooms, a perfect setting for an atmospheric Halloween but - more importantly - a big night out. 

Sam Paganini set the tone in the main room early on, warming up the crowd for Pan-Pot, an act which caused a fervour you'd expect from real life escaped prisoners and starving zombies, not just people dressed like them. 

At the same time, the Car Park was erupting with back to back performances from Marco Faraone, Marcel Fengler, Dense & Pika, culminating with Alan Fitzpatrick in incredible style. The smoked filled setting, lasers darting across the room and the monotonous bass created an unforgettable atmosphere.

It's nights like this - a sustainable venue, a progressive label, the people that give you hope for London's nightlife; but even if it does go tits up, it wasn't through a lack of effort. 

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