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Drake's Old Facebook Account


Written by Jack Blocker
23 Thursday 23rd July 2015

Of course, one of those actors was Aubrey Graham, who would go on to run through the six with his woes and become global rap megastar/all around nice guy Drake. Curious to know if the account was still live, Lucas hit the search bar. Success. While the profile has been dormant since 1 February 2008 (Aubrey's final status read “d'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'd'do that”), the gold contained within it's wall(s) is still present.

There are the mixtape plugs:

Then there are the thirsty requests, just as Drake was building a name for himself:

And finally, there are the all important embarrassing pics:

I don't blame you if you're skeptical - I was too. After all, why hasn't someone leaked these already? Plus, Lucas could have pulled these pics from a variety of sources. But after a thorough bit of research (two minutes on Google) I can confidently claim that these photos have only appeared on Aubrey's Facebook and Lucas' article. And now Don't Panic. Let the process of re-blog dilution begin.

Congrats Lucas, you win the internet this week.

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