Egomunk - The Patient


Written by Jack Blocker
13 Thursday 13th November 2014

Well, I have one of those and he’s called Kane Robinson. If that name rings any bells, it’s because Kane was recently jailed for 32 months for illegally sharing music. People get less for rape.

His story is all over the news if you want to brush up on the details. Dubiously titled ‘Industry experts’ claim Kane was responsible for an estimated £242 million in losses. I’m not sure how they reach these conclusions or how this measure accounts for the myriad ways music can be purchased, streamed, aired on the radio or shared among friends, but oh well.

All I know is that this industry is so obsessed with profit that they’ll crucify a scapegoat just to make a point. And we all know that any sentence, no matter how short, will hang over you for life.

This is why I’m a huge fan of Egomunk. Egomunk is a musical collective that puts creativity over cash, and they’re pretty damn good. Their newest single, the Patient, is a brooding meditation that chimes with Leonard Cohen’s earlier stuff. 

The artist, whose identity is as secret as an encrypted IP address, released his blinding debut album Footsteps to Mars without any input from labels, A&Rs or dogged legal teams. Even if it’s not your thing, you can appreciate the fact it’s a beautiful LP born out of a pure sense of creativity, free from any external influence that may have compromised the artists' vision

What’s better, you can download the single - as well as the entire album - for free. As the collective say, they are ‘united by their aim to remain anonymous and to let their music speak for itself.’ That’s the thing about good music. It’s even better when it’s only about the music and not something else entirely.

So download it now and tell your friends, because sharing good music shouldn't be a crime.

Download the album here. Follow on twitter @egomunk. Check out the website, where you can also download the album.

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