Elephant Man Might Be Gay


Written by Robert Foster
26 Friday 26th April 2013

Somebody's telling people they saw Elephant Man swimming in a pool with gay men:

It has been alleged that dancehall artiste, Elephant Man, was caught by his gardener at about 11 o clock in the night after hearing some female voices coming from the pool house. When he went to investigate to make sure there was no intruder on the premises he saw a bit of blood on a white sheet before the door. He then entered through the door and saw men dressed in female clothing and a man fitting the description of Elephant Man. Eliteja.com is now investigating the matter to find out if this story was fabricated or is real.

Weirdly formal English, right? That's how the Jamaican music press write, it always sounds like it's been written by someone's childless great aunt. It sounds like a classic case of 'those who shout the loudest...', and of course, now comes the denials and alibis.

If it's not true, this is a dangerous rumour to spread about someone in a country where you can get killed for being gay, and it doesn't help anyone, but if it's true, and he gets 'caught' again, then here's hoping he has to deal with the kind of thing that Evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard went through in the States (check this documentary for a portrait of a man betrayed by people he thought were his family), because he'll emerge from it with a perspective on being on the receiving end of anti-gay rage, it did wonders for Pastor Ted, and he now appears to have become a reasonable person. Of course, in a musical culture obsessed with masculinity (I know that's why I love it - there is no male-er music than dancehall), introspection and thoughtfulness isn't great for selling records, so he might not do any great revelatory, coming-out interview, but maybe he'll just cut out a bit of the hate, which is a start. 

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This is a sweet jam:

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