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Written by Thom White
21 Friday 21st February 2014

Q: Firstly, hello and Happy Valentines Day! I've no gift to give you but I do have a few questions if you'd care to converse...

A: The gift of conversation is good enough for me. Boy do I love to talk. Let's go…

Q: Although many will, the law of averages dictates that a few readers may not have heard your music. Who is Edward Scissortongue and what does he do?

A: Edward Scissortongue is a hip hop artist who made it out of the grey urban sprawl of Cambridge. He does many things, some which he is happy to discuss, others which he keeps closer to his chest to ensure that his front door remains on its hinges. He is signed to High Focus Records and can be found walking the streets of London, alone, rapping to himself while taking photographs and soil samples.

Q: Who is Lamplighter and what does he do?

A: Lamplighter is Edward Scissortongue's go-to musical homie. He is Glasgow's answer to Philip Glass in the sense that he makes UTTERLY COMPELLING music, but also has a penchant for never smiling, ever. He makes amazing poached eggs and amazing music, sometimes simultaneously.

Lamplighter's music is the best because it doesn't need a rappers input to breathe life into the listener.

Q: Introductions established, you're coming off the back of a sell out Australian Tour and a soon to come European one. Firstly can you give us a brief synopsis/highlights of the Australian tour and then inform our readers on what cities they should be booking flights for in the near future?

A: 'SMOKE MY TOUR' was a truly brilliant experience from top-to-tail. The list of highlights is pretty much never-ending, but the live shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth are sure to be the ones I tell my grandkids about. From the tropical storms to the fanatical support, to catching up with my homie Spastic Max and watching him vomit EVERYWHERE (at a cost of $500 to cover the clean up operation), to sprinting through airports on the hunt for the ever illusive next departure gate, to Dike getting his visa granted precisely one hour before we caught a taxi to Gatwick Airport, to Baxter going against the medical advice of several experts and flying out with a severely broken limb to be there. Every minute of that tour was special to me.

A: Trust me, the desire to get back 'on the road' amongst the crew is fully overwhelming right now. We toured the UK in May, then we sat about, then we toured Australia in November and have since been sitting about, and well, we want to go on tour again NOW PLEASE. The numbers for the European tour are still being crunched. I am happy that is not my job. Push comes to shove, it is a beautiful place to be when your only job is to concentrate on music. I have dreamt of that place for a long time and Australia was exactly that...

Q: Whilst we're talking International, what one venue in the world would you give all for an opportunity to perform at? And how would the night go down?

A: At this very point I am going to have to go for sunshine as London is shrouded in darkness. I would very much like to play a live show on the carpeted diving jetty located about 500 metres out to sea off the coast of a small fishing village called 'Tolo' in Southern Greece. No-one would be in attendance, but I would take great pleasure in showcasing my new tunes to the lobsters and terrapins, and my sunbathing girlfriend.

Q: Continuing with the hypotheticals, lets assume, for the purpose of this fabulously elaborate question that you have Golden Era Syndrome and I have a time machine which looks rather disconcertingly like a toaster embroiled in a 3three way love affair with it's own cable and a kitchen knife. Time machine and physics allowing, Which of these 5 epochs of time and musical history would the current you commit to and why?

1. 1988 onwards, the summer of love and the beginning of the rave era?
2. Late 70's the punk movement,?
3. Early 70's New York disco scene?
4. Late 60's - first ever Woodstock?
5. Mid 30's to mid 40's the Swing era? (America, not Berlin as it wasn't Hitlers cup of tea)

A: I am going to have to go for number three, but only on the condition that I would return to the present day at some stage in a completely healthy and sober state, as you know that early NY disco scene was ONE WILD PLACE. New York in the seventies would be off the chain; I would go ABSOLUTELY MENTAL. The other benefit of choosing that era is I wouldn't have to change my wardrobe one bit.

Q: On the first track off - Better Luck Next Life, a song which shares the albums rather ominous title you state "13 years of this rhyme pad fraff and in that time I've done zilch on an album or track that was worth one minute of your time, one penny of your cash. But I'm still here dabbling with raps..."

Was it until working with Lamplighter that you'd made something you were entirely proud of? And what was it that kept you "dabbling with raps"?

A: I'm proud of every song I have ever released for one reason or another, from the very beginning, all the way to 'BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE'. Every track I've ever made has shaped me as an artist and influenced where I find myself today, however, teaming up with Lamplighter on a full length release took everything to that next level. That blood, sweat and tears level.

The bar you reference is more a comment on my lackadaisical approach to music making before 'B.L.N.L' began to take shape. It was written as a statement of intent, a proclamation if you will, and this is why it featured on the very first track of the album. I made a bunch of music back in the day, dropped a few songs here-and-there, played a few shows and what not, but the 'living and breathing' levels were simply not there. They are now.

In hindsight I would say my laziness was a good thing. I would have hated to have approached making an album before I was ready for such a commitment. Forcing music is not the one. Cutting corners is not the one either. I would rather die than release something shrink wrapped and shiny that I wasn't completely in love with.

Q: Is your up and coming 7 track EP 'The Theremin' a continuation of B.L.N.L or is the wind blowing a different direction in your sails?

A: The low pressure front from 'B.L.N.L' is still swirling somewhere high above my new project. I rate myself as a pretty versatile artist, I can write good songs about kittens and knitting, it's just the darker side of the spectrum is where I operate most effectively. 'THE THEREMIN EP' is a far more lucid project I think. It is dominated by fantastical storytelling prose that tackle the plight of man in the near future. Everyone has their own personal favourite impending doom, I just happen to tackle a handful of mine on 'THE THEREMIN EP'.

Q: Thanks for your time. I look forward to listening to The Theremin. Safe journeys.

A: A storm is brewing. Might just stay inside.

The Theremin EP is scheduled for a March release on High Focus Records: www.high-focus.com

Until then a remix of fluids from Greenwood Sharps to keep the creative liquids flowing...

Greenwood Sharps is a cambridge based producer who has produced Mr Key's forthcoming debut album in its entirety.


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