*Exclusive* We spoke to Marco Bernardi, the man behind Elevator Sound


Written by James Ratcliffe
15 Friday 15th August 2014



What was the inspiration behind launching Elevator Sounds?

Myself and Chris have been talking about doing this for at least 3 years or so now. I was running clubs in the city amongst playing out at the weekends and therefore the timing has just never been correct, however since the closure of Empire Theatre and Chemikal this year I think that was the kick start I needed to start off this project as there didn’t seem to be anywhere else in the city that accommodated exclusively for the electronic musician…Hence the birth of Elevator Sound.


Why do you think Bristol has not had a dedicated, non corporate, electronic instruments shop, prior to Elevator Sound ?

Not sure really , probably because there is no money in it J..The web has a lot to play in the crushing of the pricing of these products but thankfully now with the introduction of street pricing we all have a set price we cannot trash..this makes it easier to compete with the bigger players such as Juno, Amazon etc as we are all advertising products at the same price…it then makes our one to one customer service even more important as we will always be offering this for free ..


Many music shops are often considered pretentious or condescending to the inexperienced customer, do you think Elevator Sounds idea of 'Ego Free' will set the shop apart and encourage people who are traditionally put off by music shops to get involved?

One hundred percent…my target market is the beginner to mid level musician. We have loads of entry level soundcards, interfaces and synths all under the £100-£150 mark.I am very conscious of providing a non ego atmosphere within the store as I was once one of these intimidated shoppers at the receiving end and determined for that to not be the case in here. Being small and independent, service is without a doubt one of the main experiences we can offer to be able to compete with the bigger boys and keep having a loyal customer base.


How has your experience performing all over Europe effected your thinking behind Elevator Sounds?

I know what machines are good. I have been lucky to make a living from electronic music for many years now and know of many units that only the Germans have in their stores..I will be opening with the current “bread and butter” products such as Focusrite, Novation, Maudio etc but rest assured I have many new brands about to arrive in store that will hopefully excite the Bristol scene of producers.


When can we expect the shop to be in full swing? Will you be throwing any 'in-shop events' or parties to increase awareness of your new venture? (it is tucked behind the record shop after all)

Yes for sure , I am open now soft launching through August .Towards the end of Sept I am planning on doing some events to make more awareness of the shop and the site www.elevatorsound.com will be up by the end of August..ish.

Can you give us more of an idea of the set up, size and space. 
— & for the more techy experienced readers the range of equipment / toys available? 

Were in the back shop area of Idlehands,we may only have limited display space here ,but have huge stock availability accounts from many of the big suppliers such as Moog,Doepfer,Waldorf  etc  and with the added benefit of having Rubadub onside means there is absolutely nothing we cannot get .We will also offer free next day delivery on any product on the market.Currently we stock Focusrite,KRK,Novation,MAudio with more specialised synths and drum machines such as MFB,Atomsynth and Elektron also now available.


Will people be able to order in any specialist or customer requested equipment that might not be in store? 

Of course..theres no products available that are current that we at Elevator Sound cannot get ordered in ..we ask for a 50% deposit on special orders or obviously full payment if you require a next day delivery straight to your door but yes give us a call or pop in were here to provide machines of any size and price.


Your new label 'Take The Elevator', can you tell us a bit more about this. When could we expect to see the first release?

Were on elvat003 now ;-)


Are there any existing artists you can give us, that you feel represent a sound that would not be out of place on the 'Take The Elevator' label?( Some track examples would be ace to include)

Check us out here.


It is refreshing to see someone pushing raw, analogue acid sounds in a city where 'trendy deep house' is fast becoming the choice genre for young people to party to. Does this concern you at all?

Na man as long as they buy their machines from us I don’t care if there making polka bangstep.


We are looking forward to your first 'Escher' event! How will this party reflect the ethos of the label and shop?

Escher is all about physical interaction..theres so much online media bullshit at the moment about tracks,djs,labels,whats good,whats bad,what you should like,what you shouldn’t like blah blah blah  we plan to break down that barrier by offering a physical one to one chat,discussion,beer, over all the amazing unheard/unsigned music that this city has mllions of to offer. Come along the last Thursday of every month from 5 until 8 pm bring some tracks.


What is your relationship with Idle Hands and how will the record store support / work with Elevator Sounds?

There will be many connections between the two businesses to come from events to deals and offers etc..we just haven’t put them into plan yet but they will come..


Envision one year from now. Where ideally would you want to see Elevator Sounds in terms of Bristol's engagement and the growth of the shop, label and club night?

I just want to be able to be running a shop full of machines that can support itself financially. I want to be THE main shop for the specialised electronic musician and be the main hub for producers to hear all these new synths that I have found recently..if I achieve this after year 1 then I am a happy man.

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