Festival spotlight: Rave On Avon


Written by Don't Panic
08 Friday 08th May 2015

The event is spread across sixteen different spaces in central Bristol, including Blue Mountain, Lakota, The Coroners Courts, The Crofters Rights and beyond. Program highlights include Randall, Shanti Celeste, RSD and more.

What’s more, the team at Don’t Panic Bristol has been given the responsibility of curating the line up in the festival’s main arena – room one at Blue Mountain.

In doing so, we welcome some of the most promising figures from Bristol’s new school, including Shanti Celeste, Samuel, Facta, Admin and the Banoffee Pies Records team, who will all be spinning alongside a special-guest headliner.

The festival kicks off at 2pm on Saturday 16th May. Entry is free until 6pm, at which point wristbands can be purchased for the night time sessions. Music will carry on late into the night, with proceedings finally wrapping up at 6 am. Pace it right and you could be in for a full 16 hour stint of partying.

Scroll down to see the full line up.

Amazingly, this fantastic event is organised entirely by volunteers, with many of the DJs playing for heavily reduced rates and all of the proceeds going to charity. The money raised will go towards funding the Bristol Festival Community Group (registered charity 1124722), who work towards guiding young volunteers from the South West into the industry and supporting and promoting music, art and culture in Bristol and beyond.

Advance wristbands can be purchased for £12.50. Alternatively, wristbands can be bought on the night for £15.

For more information, head over to http://www.brisfest.co.uk/raveonavon/

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