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Festival Spotlight: Vault Festival 2016


Written by Greg Webb
26 Tuesday 26th January 2016

It’s official: January 2016 was the shittiest, most depressingly grey month since records began. And with next month’s forecast looking equally dire, you might just be tempted to crawl underground and stay there.

Well – if subterranean life is sounding kinda tempting right now, we’ve got a festival tip that might just prove to be this winter’s saving grace.

For the next six weeks, Vault Festival will see the labyrinthine tunnels beneath London’s Waterloo Station repurposed for a dizzying carnival of live theatre, comedy, club events and cuisine.

Returning for the 4th year running, the festival takes place in a network of underground vaults in SE1, and spans eight unbelievable venues, three stylish bars and an amazing pop-up restaurant.

Highlights from the 2016 line-up include:

Squidboy: a highly physical production from award-winning performer Trygve Wakenshaw; 27-30 Jan

The Misfit Analysis: a theatrical journey through the mind of an autistic man, written and lead by Cian Binchy (a consultant for the National's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time); 2-6 March

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity: Clout Theatre’s absurdist piece about a post-suicide support group held in the afterlife; 17-21 Feb

- A weekly film festival, featuring long and short form screenings of drama, documentary, animation and more; every Sunday throughout Feb

For full listings and ticket information, head to the Vault Festival website.




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