First Ever International Cassette Store Day


Written by Aisha Nozari
16 Tuesday 16th July 2013

I am so stoked on this: the first ever International Cassette Store Day is set to take place September 7. That's right, a whole day set aside for everyone to go cassette crazy. There's going to be events worldwide celebrating the format, as well as a whole bunch of limited edition album releases on cassette AND some re-releases on the format.

Radio 1's Jen Long gave a wonderful insight into the whole idea on Friday. She discussed her personal passion for the format, and how it gave way to her own Cassette - based label Kissability. The idea was kick-started with an email from SEXBEAT's Steve Rose, with Matt Flag from Suplex Cassettes soon jumping on board. Long said everything pretty much snowballed from there.

Although the whole thing may be modelled on Record Store Day, Long said it's 'less about supporting the shops and more about celebrating the cassette format that's been making a comeback for a while.' She argues that tapes are pretty essential in our current economic and musical climate. She writes 'music today moves faster than ever. We are swamped with new acts, new tracks and endless free downloads. With more and more bands wanting to release their music, and most importantly, more fans than ever wanting to be part of this world and start a label. Cassettes are cheap to make and you don't have to commit to large quantities.'

There's going to be releases from Fucked Up, Los Campesinos! and Fair Ohs. Transgressive, Domino, 4AD and Bella Union will be reissuing albums on cassette by artists such as The Flaming Lips and Deerhunter. As far as events go, if you're in London, Rough Trade East is where it's at. The best record label in the world ever, Burger Records, will be handling stuff over in LA. Big Love are going to show Tokyo a party and Mirror Universe, Godmode and Gimme Tinnitus are putting on a show/cassette fair at Silent Barn in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, check out Noisey's short film about cassettes.


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