Four Years Later - RIP Amy Winehouse


Written by Jack Blocker
23 Thursday 23rd July 2015

Amy Winehouse died four years ago today on 23 July 2011. Because I was a grotty teenager who spent most of my youth listening to Sublime and smoking weed, the late singer's stratospheric career pretty much passed me by. But with the recent film and the media attention that's come with it, I've found myself converted, regularly trawling YouTube for clips of Winehouse performing live - where she really kicked arse.

Here are some of my faves below.

You Should Be Stronger Than Me - Glastonbury 2004

I usually hate those interstitial acts the BBC rolls out during their Glastonbury coverage. Watching Jo Whiley nod her head along to a no-name folk band really adds insult to the injury of not getting a ticket. HAVING SAID THAT, Winehouse's performance of 'You Should Be Sronger Than Me' from 2004 is a real treat. She always seemed to excel when singing about weak men, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Shouts to the guitarist too, who is more in to playing guitar for Amy Winehouse than anyone's been in to anything ever. 

Love Is Blind - somewhere in 2003

I think 'Love Is Blind' is my favourite Winehouse track. It's about her smashing some dude who looks like her boyfriend - only better! Because she is a badass. The acoustic makes it seem a more naughty, for some reason.

He Can Only Hold Her/Doo Wop (That Thing)

The real highlight comes at the end of this performance, when she breaks into a quick rendition of Lauryn Hill's 'Doo Wop'. To make things better, she then gives the spotlight to her two brilliant backing singers, who close out the act. I don't know what those two are doing now, but god I hope they're rich.

Love is a Losing Game (feat Mos Def) 

This really is my shit. Winehouse fucks up at the start. She compliments her drummer, who looks like a hairy version of the kid from The Wonder Years. Then, as if her singing such a great tune wasn't enough, out comes Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey to lay down a few tidy bars.

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