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Fresh Since '88 With EPMD


Written by Robert Foster
17 Monday 17th March 2014

“Fresh Since 88” is a night of classic Hip Hop in celebration of 40 years of the Hip Hop genre. All roads lead to The Forum, Kentish Town, Friday April 4th where the legendary EPMD and the recently formed super group, Alumni, will be performing, where the night will end with an after party.

EPMD (Erick & Parrish Making Dollars) aka Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith are one of the most prominent acts in East Coast Hip Hop of all time. The duo has been active for almost 28 years (minus two breakups) and is known for their funk and rock-fuelled sample-heavy Hip Hop, spewing classics such as “Crossover” and “You Gots To Chill”.

Joining them will be none other than old school superstars Special Ed, Kwame and the UK’s very own Monie Love, who’ve formed the collective, Alumni, to educate, entertain and reinvigorate the Hip Hop culture. The Hip Hop doublet, Nice & Smooth, aka Greg Nice and Smooth B, will also join Alumni on stage. As a group they’ve sold and established a fan base of over 10 million worldwide and are individually responsible for making some of the biggest rap tracks in the 80’s and 90’s, such as Special Ed’s “I Got It Made” and Monie Love’s “It’s A Shame”.

As well as rare performances from these legendary acts, with UK support from JMC and Anaele419, formerly known as Wan-Cee, “Fresh Since 88” will be paying homage to the rest of the Hip Hop culture, showcasing some of the UK’s most talented graffiti artists and turntablists. Hosts Manny Norte (Capital Xtra), DJ 279, DJ Biznizz (DMC Champion) and Emily Rawson (Supa Dupa Fly & Rock The Belles) will be playing the hottest tracks during the show and after party. Head here for more info!

Here, have an exclusive mixtape and a video flyer:

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