Fresh Wax: Bristol - Loefah 'Midnight' Special


Written by Oscar Henson
08 Monday 08th December 2014

Each week we tip off a handful of the freshest records currently on sale in Bristol. This week, we are dedicating the entire feature to the release of a very special record indeed...


Loefah, 'Midnight / Woman'

The cat is out the bag: after nearly a decade of anticipation, two of the most sought-after Loefah tracks of all time are finally making wax. And unless you live close to Stokes Croft or Portobello Road, you’re highly unlikely to get a copy.

For those that don’t know, a brief history lesson is in order…

‘Midnight’ was first heard in 2005 when it featured on Youngsta’s debut ‘Dubstep Allstars’ mix for Tempa. As years passed without release, the track slowly became a thing of legend within the growing dubstep community.

Finally, all hopes of release were dashed when Loefah announced that the project file had been lost, and that the only copies left in existence were those cut to dubplate by Youngsta, Chef and a few others.

So, cue the world’s surprise when Berceuse Heroique – a young (albeit excellent) house and techno label from London – announced that it would release ‘Midnight’ on a limited run of 300 12” vinyl, backed with ‘Woman’ (another well-mourned Loefah dub, presumed lost forever).

At this point, the world gawped. Why, with labels like DMZ and Swamp 81 at his disposal, did Loefah finally choose to release two of the biggest dubstep tracks of all time in the form of a limited pressing on a relatively small label like BH?

The move has divided opinions massively. Many are outraged that so few copies will be released, no less that these will only be available instore at Idle Hands and Honest Jons: why would Loefah finally unleash these gems only to put them in the hands of so few?

However, others have pointed out that this is an undeniably fitting conclusion to a story that has been surrounded by so much hype and mysticism over the years. Had Loefah dropped the release on DMZ after all these years, we’d all be asking: why now? why not in 2007?

A curveball like this ensures that ‘Midnight’ lives on as a thing of legend, and the hype and intrigue that has surround it for nearly a decade is preserved. 


‘Midnight / Woman’ is released on a limited run of 300 180g 12" vinyl, and comes with a poster designed by Trilogy Tapes bossman Will Bankhead. It will be available instore at Idle Hands and Honest Jons from Wednesday - and then listed on Tanmushimushi’s Discogs store forever after.

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