Fresh Wax: Bristol, Week 12th-18th Jan 2015


Written by Oscar Henson
12 Monday 12th January 2015

Each week we tip off a handful of the freshest records currently on sale in Bristol. Move quick – these won’t be around for long.

(N.B. - We'd like to somewhat smugly note that nearly all of the records we've flagged in previous weeks have gone on to sell out fast. Seriously - move quick!)


Kahn & Neek, Backchat (Jus Now Remix) / Jus Now, Tun Up (Kahn Remix) [Rewind Forward Edition]

Over the past few years, Hotline has established itself as one of the most reliable and diverse labels in Bristol (the UK? the World?!). Unbound by genre or tempo, the label’s releases are linked only by their rampant dancefloor sensibility and an unmistakable smear of UK grit.

It’s fitting, then, that the label should kick off 2015 with two new ultra-hype remixes of two ultra-hype UK dancehall anthems, ‘Backchat’ and ‘Tun Up’.

As always, Rewind Forward is stocking exclusive limited edition copies, complete with full-sleeve artwork and hand-numbered gold stickers. Move quick – these will go fast.


Tapes & DJ Sotofett, Topp Tonn

Dancehall fire, fresh outta the always-on-point Sex Tags camp - business as usual - bag on sight from Idle Hands. 


Gulls – Boom Miami

For record collectors in the know, Rewind Forward’s ‘Sale’ section is an invaluable resource. Unlike the pointlessly drab bargain bins that usually kick around in record store corners, the Rwd-Fwd reduced section regularly stocks records that it’s customers might actually want (I know, right?). Whether it’s a last spare copy of the new Livity Sound, or an old uncovered dubwise gem that somehow slipped through the net, there’s always something great on offer at a fraction of its original price.

For example, check this wicked release by Gulls on Portland-based label Boomarm Nation. Three shimmering, melodic electro/house trips, topped off with a wicked remix by Mike M - and all for the price of a pint. Grab it here.

For those unfamiliar, Boomarm Nation has been steadily pushing out experimental, forward-thinking electronic music from around the globe since 2010 – and has developed a devoted and attentive fanbase in the process. Most of its releases are stocked at Rewind Forward, so it’s worth having a bit of a root around – gems abound.


Shackleton – Deliverance Series No. 2

Shackleton is on one 24/7, basically. Every record he puts out is madder than the last one – and this is no exception: woozy, morphing tribalist techno that refuses to stay on the spot for any longer than it absolutely must. Cop! Now!


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