From Yorkshire to Brussels : Under My Garage


12 Wednesday 12th March 2014

FP: How did UMG start out- would you say there is a concept behind your nights?

UMG: Although our official night was last year in February, we started out when we managed to pull off a last-minute private showing of a previously cancelled artist (Slow Magic) that had been booked in Brussels. We managed to contact Slow Magic’s agent to reconsider the cancellation, and organized a last minute private showcase for 150 people. Even though we had no idea how the night would go, as it was our first run at events, Slow Magic delivered an amazing set and from then on we started Under My Garage. I wouldn’t say that there is a concept as such, seeing we all share the same involvement in wanting to be part of a musical project that can develop in a city where everything can still be created. I think it’s a good time to try and establish a new musical structure in Brussels - inviting out favorite DJ’s to play in front of the Belgian public is great, but by introducing our own local artists to release compilation or inviting them to play alongside DJ’s will help develop the Brussels scene.

FP: What type of genres would you say that your nights have musically evolved from since your launch?

UMG: Seeing as out last three nights have included artists such as Loefah, Happa, Randomer, 2562/A Made Up Sound, GoldFFinch & Sebmann- our night has definitely taken a different trajectory as our earlier events hosted artists such as XXYYXX and Blackbird Blackbird - it was essentially a development from chillwave/ post dubstep / future garage sounds to a more techno orientated UK bass experience. To be honest, the influence form the UK scene is huge, look at the name ‘Under My Garage’. Thank you Blawan.

FP: Who’s in your collective, do you showcase the work of any UMG resident DJ’s?

UMG: We have the three behind UMG; JC, Gaspard, & me (Dorian), a resident DJ (Arthur Tixhon) and a graphic designer (Le Motel). Its always a pleasure to put on a night with these guys- our resident Arthur Thixhon has developed from dubstep to techno and our graphic designer is also a juke & techno producer working under the name of Le Motel.

FP:Is there any interest in UK bass music around Belgium or is there a larger influence from German style techno/US house?

UMG: I’d say that here is a larger influence from the German techno scene and US house - but things are changing. Around four or five years ago, it was quite difficult to be pleased with Brussels nightlife, especially if you were into music from UMG, now there is a big wave coming from the UK , reaching over the rest of Europe.

FP: You’ve brought in highly influential names to Brussels - any unforgettable memories?

UMG: Its great to present these DJ’s to a Brussels crowd as we also love bringing unknown artists from anywhere in Europe. The public is always eager to hear something new that perhaps they wouldn’t have heard unless presented to them as music genres overlap, making room for new introductions.

FP: Any exciting future projects?

UMG: Apart form our next night on Friday 14th (Lone, Untold UK) , with the involvement of Arthur Tixhon and Philes (BlazeRod) we have created “Under My Label”. Depending on what the future reserves the label will become a more independent structure from our nights as we have jsut released our first compilation, which will include tracks from 5 Belgian artists, (Arthur Tixhon, Kafim, Le Motel, Über, & Blaze Rod) .We’re also planning to launch a release night in June in light of offering local artists the opportunity to be released on a label based in Brussels.

This weekend, on the 14th March; UMG presents Lone (R&S) , Untold (50 weapons R&S), Arthur Tixhon (UMG) & Nitro (BOYL). 

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