Funeral Party


Written by Johny Chhetri
Photos and illustrations by Tudinh Duong
21 Monday 21st June 2010


Funeral Party are a band from Whittier, California, a supposed ghost town, I’ve never been so I’ll have to take their word for it. You may have heard latest single NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA on Xfm recently on John Kennedy’s X-Posure.
They have supported the likes of Julian Casablancas and Surfer Blood on tour and have been termed as ‘show-stealers’. So luckily for me, they were in town recently supporting Goldhawks at the Camden Barfly, I thought I’d go down and see what all the hype was about.
After a set from Hungry Kids of Hungary, they didn’t have to do much to impress. The problem here was that they did too much to impress. Lead singer Chad Elliot came on with a disregard for the audience or photographers by going ‘all out’ by pushing the mic stand over and acting like some sort of wild party animal front man. He even shoved an amp off the stage with his foot! How cool is that?!
With that said, the rest of the band members were very good at keeping their cool while singer Elliot went ‘off the rails’. Kimo Kauhola on bass was exceptional as was James Torres on guitar, there was no need for crazy antics from them. The songs were played loud and had the crowd moving, set finisher NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA got the crowd a bit pumped but there was no show stealing from these guys tonight.


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