Written by Don't Panic
08 Tuesday 08th October 2013

Since James Brown boogaloo-ed off this mortal coil, it’s not uncommon to find us wondering who the funkiest man alive is these days. Is it Prince? George Clinton? Bootsy Collins? Might it even be Lenny Henry? Thankfully, we needn’t lose any more sleep over it, as two London-based DJs from K2K Radio have come up with a surefire way to find out.

The #FUNKOFF is billed as “a battle for soul supremacy” and sees the two hosts (Mister Mumbles and Uncle Vibes) lock horns over who is best placed to fix Oprah's dishwasher, decline a line of chic sherbert with Nile Rogers at Chaka's 82cnd bday and play the Bongo's in M-People amongst a host of other funk-fuelled rounds.

There’s a referee. There’s on-air fisticuffs. And most importantly, there’s a barrowload of amazingly funky records to get your head nodding. The #FUNKOFF – it’s the reason why Tommy Robinson just left the EDL...look out for that at 21minutes 30seconds!

Ladies & Gents we present to you the #FunkOff:


#FunkOff2 > K2K Radio > Mister Mumbles Vs Uncle Vibes > 03.10.13 by Uncle Vibes on Mixcloud

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