Glade Festival 2011


Written by James Read
05 Sunday 05th June 2011

After a year off, Glade is making a rocky landing back onto the festival scene with a last minute venue change less than a month before the punters arrive. Still, it's hard to shake their image as one of the most credible dance festivals in the UK, and fans of the likes of Trentemoller, Shitmat and Photek still look to be out in force to dance their tits off for three days straight.

Glade's last minute move to country pile Houghton Hall, announced just yesterday, is the latest shift for a festival that has struggled to find a permanent home. After a comfortable four years in Wasing Estate, 2009 saw a move to Matterley Bowl in Winchester, but in 2010 the festival was cancelled due to an exorbitant rise in policing costs. This year they were set to host at Mansion House in Bedfordshire, but the venue pulled out at the last minute leaving them high and dry.

May need a tidy up come Monday morning...

A last minute scrabble found them the stately home in Norfolk, and it looks like this most recent rehoming might be a blessing, with the 5,000 acre parkland estate strewn with trees and bucolic charm in spades (plus, with a sand base it reportedly less prone to the flooding issues that have previously plagued the festival). And perhaps most importantly for the 5am rave crew, there's already a 24-hour, 365-day license in place and no residential areas for miles so sound policing shouldn't be a problem!

On to the most important matter - the music. Danish house master Trentemøller is headlining Friday night with a full band - his only UK date this summer. If the above video to his home crowd at Roskilde 2009 is anything to go by, this should be rather smashing! They've also got Deadmau5's first signing Skrillex playing. Love him or hate him, you can't ignore his ridiculously OTT take on dubstep electro, famously sampling this rather excitable young lady. The sort of thing that only sort of makes sense coming from a DJ who used to front a hardcore punk band and was signed by a papier maché rodent.

There's some great names at the infamous breakcore/gabber Overkill stage, such as 'Full English Breakfest'-er Shitmat, LA glitcher Eskmo and the rather lovely Koreless.

Glade Festival is running 10-12 June this year. For more information and to buy tickets, visit

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    Wed 08 - Jun - 2011, 21:21
    Thats Cool. I'm playing the Full colour arcade at Glade. Grab my newest DJ Mix - Emerging Latin Electronica Flavours - Cumbia, Moombahton, Moombahcore, Guarachero, Prehispanik drums, 3ball
  • Guest: erin.b.1003
    Thu 19 - May - 2011, 11:54
    Win a pair of weekend tickets to Glade Festival from Time Out: