Google Refuses to Remove Disgusting HATE PREACHER from the Internet


Written by Jake Moss
05 Wednesday 05th July 2017

Google have made a point-blank refusal to ban a notorious hate preacher from the internet, whose spurious online articles and vile video content aim solely to stir up hatred and religious warfare in Britain. Many are up in arms that Google are not blocking the public’s access to this hate-filled website, allegedly known to its followers as the “Mail Online” - the vehicle for the extremist views of hardline radical cleric, Paul Dacre.


It has come to light that the disturbing rhetoric preached by Dacre’s extremist text, the “Daily Mail”, is readily accessible online and throughout social media. Everyday, it is voraciously consumed by millions around the country - many who live among us, but whose outdated, prejudiced and misogynistic views threaten the very fabric of British life. The majority of these hate-filled extremists are thought to have arrived through Britain’s poorly controlled borders on a tidal wave of immigration throughout the fifth century, when these radicalised Anglo-Saxon immigrants poured into the country, shunning local customs and showing a blatant disregard for their new homeland.



Now, disgusted by the immoral state of their adopted home, many of these Anglo-Saxons are easily brainwashed and radicalised by the toxic views that pervade their communities. They often subscribe to the shocking ideology spread by the “Daily Mail’s” hate preachers, which has resulted in a terrifying rise in extremism. This has been a pivotal factor in the rise of disgusting terrorist atrocities, such as the recent Finsbury Park attack, in which a savage beardless white man committed a cold-blooded murder on an innocent bystander, while invoking Paul Dacre’s hate-filled ideology. His hate filled speech has encouraged extremist attacks from Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir and Katie Hopkins, whose vile rants on LBC filled the airwaves before her ‘final solution’ comments left her out in the cold.


This sinister plot may well run even deeper. In fact, several recent reports point to the disturbing revelation that Dacre may just be the mouthpiece of a far-reaching extremist cell, led by a formidable ayatollah known to his followers as “Lord Rothermere”. He is believed to control the entire terrorist network from one of his two lairs, one concealed somewhere among the dangerous hills of Wiltshire - a lawless caliphate almost completely inhabited by Anglo-Saxon immigrants and totally impenetrable to outsiders, except by Great Western Rail and certain designated A-roads. The second property is rumoured to be somewhere as far away from the liberal left while still being close enough to influence the country… France.




Many are now calling on Google to wake up and ban Dacre and Rothermere’s disgusting extremist text, working together with the government to shut down this flow of prejudiced bile into Britain from domestic cells, as well as overseas funding - namely, from the Cayman Islands. For now, the country remains on red alert, fearing there is yet more violence to come, thanks to these toxic seeds sown by the so-called “Daily Mail”.


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