11 Monday 11th June 2012

Though you all come from the same musical background, you had mostly separate careers for a while – what made you decide to form a band together?

We always knew that we would eventually find our way back to each other, musically. Playing on other people's projects was always fun, but when we play together there's a weird sister ESP that happens – we always know what each other is going to do next.

You guys got some serious attention at SXSW this year, which then got pretty crazy both online and beyond – as such a new band, were you expecting that much attention so quickly? 

No, not at all! We were just excited to play SXSW; we had the best time!

What was it about your music that you think people are responding to so well?

Play the record backwards, and you'll know the answer.

What was it like meeting the A$AP crew at SXSW?

Definitely the highlight of our trip! They were all so nice, and we hung out all day. I think there will be a HAIM X A$AP collaboration in the near future...

Now that you've released your debut EP Forever, are there any plans for another (or even a full-length)?

The record is in the works, we have 85% of it written; now we just need to get into the studio and record.

Is it true that you experience difficulties when it comes to studio work? 

There's just a lot of music flowing through our heads. So, when the time to record comes, we find it hard to pin down exactly the way we want it to sound. But when we get it right, we know.

So how do you work your creative process?

We usually start with some kind of beat or drum track, and then a melody will follow. We write about what we know and who we know. Sometimes we'll hear a story from a friend and a song with come from that; other times, stories come from dreams we've had and we write about that.

Tell us something about each of you. (It's not every day that we get to interview a three-sister band.)

Este: I've been a strict vegan for over a year now... which makes touring SUPER easy.
Alana: I consider myself an amateur nail artist. I paint my nails three times a week.
Danielle: I like to cook dinner for my friends.

Are there ever any downsides to your working relationship, being sisters? Do you fight more?

Well, being in a band is like being in a family, and we happen to be a family that's also a band – so, of course, there are going to be tiffs now and again, but they’re usually about things like borrowing clothing without asking. We've all been best friends forever, and always will be – SO DON'T FUCK WITH US.

How is your UK tour going? Can you see yourselves ever leaving the LA sunshine for our rainy island...?

The UK was unreal. We’d never been there as a band before, and it was an amazing experience that we got to share. We even had a Kate Moss sighting, which we couldn’t stop talking about the whole trip. As a place to live, I think we're all pretty set in our ways; California sunshine cannot be beat! But was all agreed that spending some time in London for recording or something would be a dream come true.

What's your best story from the road? Ever smashed up any hotel rooms?

If by ‘smashing hotel rooms’ you mean drinking slurpees in bed and watching America's Funniest Home Videos, then yes.

What's playing on your iPods at the moment?

We've been really into Jai Paul's ‘Jasmine’ track. It's been the song we've been most excited about in a long time. We also love Chet Faker's cover of ‘No Diggity’ – we played a show with him at The Great Escape and he KILLED it.

So what's next for Haim – is world domination on the cards?

It's the same thing we do every night Pinky...

You can check out more of Haim's music at haimtheband.com.

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