Hidden Island Raves


Written by Ed Rowe
19 Tuesday 19th May 2015

This summer is packed full of things people can spend money on and students can waste their loans on. We all know about the festivals, the raves and the lads holiday destinations, but imagine if you could go to a place which combined all three of those elements? Well I’m here to tell you that such a place exists. It’s fairly hard to get to, but once you arrive you know it was well worth your journey.

The place I am referring to is an island called Alderney, which for the first week of August hosts an event called Alderney week. At first this seems like a family fun festival, which it is - but only if you want it to be. There’s all sorts of events on, but once darkness descends on this three mile long island, the youth come out to play.

Alderney is home to its once famous Quarry and Bunker Parties, which are best described as old fashioned raves which go on all night carrying on well past sunrise. Quarry Parties are bigger and play all sorts of music from classic dance anthems to the more commercial songs (if that’s your scene.) They’re pretty diverse, and the DJs usually have half the crowd up on stage by 7am.

While the Quarries are nice and open, the bunkers are the opposite. Built in World War 2 by German invaders, you will feel like a sardine as you jump up and down in unison with the rest of the crowd. Be prepared to get so sweaty that you find after hours of dancing that your t-shirt has merged with your skin. But don’t worry, if it all becomes too much you can go and chill by the fire up top with a burger and beer, then come back in when you're recharged. Here’s a video when legendary Happy House DJ Slipmatt played a few years ago.

With Alderney being described as the ‘Ibiza of the Channel Islands’ spending a week camping there is a must.



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