Hipster Hitler


22 Monday 22nd November 2010


This is what we do with our lives. We surf social media, 4od and click through the misinformed opinionated ramblings of some idiot you don't know (you're doing the latter right now). With the average attention span of 15-25 year-olds being around 1.046 seconds, we need entertainment and we need it quick.
Most are familiar with the idea of online comic strips. It all started with simple stick figures, and evolved into complex animated stories with characters, plot lines and twists.
Recently, the hipster phenomenon has penetrated mainstream society. Every 'normie' and their grandma know the basic template for a hipster, and everyone thoroughly enjoys taking the piss out of this minority of East End dwellers. Websites like Look At This Fucking Hipster and Hackney Hipster Hate have boomed in site traffic, and the guardian online is even writing articles to explain why we hate Hipsters to the older generation.
Recently, these two internet fads, yes fads, have come together like America and Britain to fight the common enemy. Hipster Hitler is the child of hipster hate and online comics, an absolutely hilarious time killer that transforms the scary Fuhrer into a mildly irritating, lazy, Ray-Ban wearing Dalston citizen.
Half the fun is the new t-shirt in each comic, which are all for sale on the website. Check it out, and if you don't like it, well you probably just don't 'get' it.


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  • Guest: javier.ifran
    Fri 26 - Nov - 2010, 16:15
    @beingadickheadscool: attack is the best form of defence this article is hilarious. period
  • Guest: beingadickheadscool
    Thu 25 - Nov - 2010, 15:19
    this reads like that All Time Low music video, essentially taking the piss out of the scene that you are firmly a part of.
  • Guest: ricky
    Tue 23 - Nov - 2010, 19:49
    sweet intro to article. had me hooked.