Huw Stephens


Written by Alex Reeves
11 Friday 11th March 2011

Happy St. David’s Day! Are you doing anything special for it?

Thank you very much! I’m going to be having a drink and DJing at The Social in London later on today. It’s a St. David’s Day gig and it’s all Welsh DJs playing so it should be fun.

Meanwhile, in Belfast the first Topman CTRL Student Party is kicking off and it hits Sheffield on Thursday. What’s the idea there?

Well the Topman CTRL MX show’s on telly every Thursday night at the moment and these parties are a really nice way to tie in with the TV show. Frankie and Heartstrings are the headliners. They’re a brilliant band so I’m really excited about them. Their new album just went into the top 40 too, so it’s good timing to have them on the bill r­­­­ight now.

Topman CTRL MX was your first foray into TV broadcasting. How’s that been for you?

It’s been really fun. It’s totally different from radio, like a million miles away. But I think we really needed a new music show on telly again and it’s good to introduce new bands to people. There’s so much new music out there that you need shows like this because people don’t know what these bands sound like or look like.

You’re well known for finding and championing new music. ­­A­re any Yorkshire bands catching your attention at the moment?

I’m excited about The Crookes’ new album which is coming out. And there’s a band from Leeds called Eagulls who are amazing. They’ve had one single out called ‘Council Flat Blues’ which I really, really like.

Sheffield’s sadly lost some great venues recently like The Grapes and The Boardwalk. How will these closures affect the local scene?

I think it’s definitely going to affect the scene. Venues are what a city needs to keep the musical and creative heartbeat going. Unfortunately venues do close down and it’s sad, but people will always find new spaces to put on gigs.

You’re taking over Jo Whiley’s weekend show on Radio 1 in April. How are you feeling about that?

I’m really excited to start the new show on Saturday and Sunday. It’s always fun to do shows on the weekend because everyone’s in a good mood. I’ll be playing lots of new music as well as stuff that people know about, mixing it up a bit really, so it’ll be good.

I love playing new music on my current show (At the moment I’m just going through hundreds and hundreds of demos in my bedroom). But I also love putting new music on in the day, that’s amazing.

Frankie & The Heartstrings and Let’s Buy Happiness play the Plug March 3 @ 7.30pm

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