In 10 Tracks: BASSLINE


Written by Oscar Henson
28 Friday 28th July 2017

Bassline: UK Garage’s obnoxious northern cousin, instantly identifiable by its penchant for girl-next-door vocals, baroque orchestral melodies and hench warping basslines.

Starting life at Sheffield’s Niche club in the late 90’s, the bassline sound only rose to wider prominence in the mid noughties via crossover hits like T2’s ‘Heartbroken’ and DJ Q’s ‘U Wot’. Despite its potential for mainstream success, the sound never quite reached the dizzying heights of garage, dubstep or grime, and by 2009 to the untrained eye it could have been seen to have run its course.



Then, sometime around 2013, elements of the sound began creeping back into underground dance music. Artists like Murlo and Famous Eno emerged with a new, glossy take on the sound, pushing its wonky, hollowed-out bass sounds to new extremes whilst drawing in rhythmic elements of bashment and soca. Meanwhile, artists like My Nu Leng and Flava D enjoyed meteoric rises to fame, pushing a ‘bass house’ sound that inherited large chunks of its DNA from the original bassline sound.

Now, with scene originators DJ Q, TRC and Jamie Duggan firmly back on the scene, bassline is enjoying something of a second wind - so now seems like a good time to turn our hand towards a retrospective list of some of the best cuts from bassline’s golden era.


TRC – Lately


Wittyboy – Conversations


T2 – Why


Curses – What I Need (Dexplicit Remix)


Dj Denver FT N-Chyx - Garms Fresh


Nastee Boi – Bangorz


Freddo feat Flex The Truth – What’s Really Good


Cotti ft Doctor – Calm Down (Witty Boy Remix)


Bass Boy – Get Milli Get Mad


Subzero feat Sacha – Why Did I

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