Innercity Pirates


21 Friday 21st January 2005

What gets the Innercity Pirates going?

We just want to do what any other band wants to do and that is make people feel; get their emotions out. I saw Arcade Fire a year ago and watching them I got that feeling on the back of my neck - something I hadn't had since 1999 when I went travelling around Australia. I want to cause that. Up on stage you can go mental. You can go completely berserk. You can't really do that normally. You'd get locked up if you ran around the street screaming at people, though you'd love to. But on stage you can. All the free booze is pretty good too.

What's the noise you use to help you get your yell on?

Well, lately we've been getting into the heavy stuff - guitar pedals, big drums. Loads of new toys that sound good. Actual guitars now. It works out quite well. No more Guitar Hero for us.

And now you're taking it all over to Austin, Texas?

Yeah, we've got two official gigs. We've got one where we're supporting Gallows. We have a few acoustic sets, so it'll be a lot of ‘look at us' style stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to play a few parties as well.

But you won't be taking your infamous tour bus (a converted ambulance)?

Yeah, well. She's gone to the ambulance graveyard. We could only wish for another bus like that. Although, we were thinking that maybe getting an actual bus that goes faster than fifty miles an hour might be quite good. Something that doesn't catch on fire while we're driving it.


The van was pretty gone. We shouldn't have been driving it anyway, but we decided to drive it to Ireland. It made it to the ferry. Some smoke started coming through the dashboard. When we were moving it started coming through to the back. We were all sat there going "think Ian'll (their manager) be alright? Think he might die soon?" When we actually made the ferry he'd been driving for about 12 hours. The front was complete smoke. I was scared to get in there. He just sat in there breathing it all in for the next six hours. We stopped and he went, "At least it hasn't caught fire," and literally, at that moment, I said, "What's that burning smell?" We lifted up the bonnet and there was just flame. I ripped down a fire extinguisher off the wall and got some Ghostbuster action on.

Best gigs?

Hadouken gigs were fucking unbelievable because the crowds were so uninhibited because they were so young. I actually felt like I was in a band. It was like being in a band in the seventies... not like now where everyone and their neighbour is in a band. It was like, you'd get on stage and people were there to see you - to be entertained. They were just screaming.... Best thing to be - dominating the under-age scene.

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