Interview & Mix: The Busy Twist


Written by Mike Cridland
Photos and illustrations by Colouryum
26 Monday 26th March 2012

Hi The Busy Twist, please introduce yourselves to our readers?

‘African influenced bass music’ is usually how we describe our sound to people. We are a production duo based in London currently working/recording in Ghana, trying to create a bridge between the two music cultures - we love the idea of making people from opposite sides of the world dance to the same music.

You guys have a very international sound, how did your interest in World music come about?

We’ve always had a background interest in ‘World’ music as we were both relatively well travelled from a young age, but the interest was really awakened by our time spent in Ghana and the realization of all that African culture has given to music – Africa is really the centre point and building block for a lot of other genres of music.

Can you give us a brief explanation of the mix and the influences behind it?

A range of our influences come across in the mix - we start with a UK Funky vibe, so the London influence is heard, and then progress through to a selection of House tracks that are international dancefloor bangers! There’s a wicked Angolan/Brazilian vibe going on in a few of those House tracks later on.

We read that you guys sampled school children chanting for the track ‘1995’ after visiting the Sacred Heart School in Ghana. How was that experience? Did the trip directly influence the The Busy Twist sound, or was the interest in West African music already there before your visit?

That was our first trip to Ghana and was pretty incredible. The school is an amazing place and the kids are so enthusiastic and energetic about everything, so asking them to sing/chant for us literally caused a riot in the middle of the class! We still go back to the school regularly and have filmed a feature video there, due for release in 2013.

Ghana massively influenced our musical interests and The Busy Twist effectively formed off the back of that trip in April 2010.

What do you have lined up for 2012?

We’ve got a lot of releases ready to go for 2012, so long as the world doesn’t end. Summer will see the release of our first single ‘Friday Night’ - a happy Highlife/Soca influenced track recorded in Ghana, for which we shot a feature video for last year out there.

Shortly after that we’ll drop a much darker Kuduro/Grime influenced EP. The title track ‘Labadi Warrior’ will also feature a video that we’ve already filmed half for in Labadi, Accra, and are currently making plans for the other half to be shot in London. The track will feature a big UK Grime artist who we can’t give away yet ;) and will really define The Busy Twist’s aims as a whole, in terms of creating that bridge between African and UK music. We are really excited about this one and hope for it to cause a storm!

We were hoping to ask you 5 simple questions about your influences.

Track for getting ready to go out?

‘Tirei o Chapeu’ – Batida. Wicked Angolan track from DJ Mpula’s new project. Really nice vibe.

Track for the after party?

‘Sodat Aza Na Kati’ – G’Sparks. Killer Afro House tune from Congo.

Track for the Ladies?

‘Premier Gaou’ - Magic Systeme. Nice Ivorian track that always goes down a hit with the ladies in Ghana!

Album for a long journey?

Has to be Fela Kuti’s ‘Anthology, Vol 1’. He still hits hard everytime.

Guilty pleasure?

Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Thanks for taking time to catch up with us guys.

If you can show some love and support for some of the most forward thinking, genre defying music to come out of the UK in a while, then you can buy their music HERE or you can check out their tunes HERE.

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