Interview: Operator Please


Written by Seun Mustapha
16 Monday 16th June 2008


The band recently released their debut studio album (17 Mar 2008 in the UK) to much fanfare. Entitled Yes Yes, Vindictive the album captures the band's youthful, spirited energy perfectly. Encompassing noisy punk influences, poppy eclecticism and electronic weirdness, the record is an excitable look at new and old music, youth scenes and the world at large through the eyes of it's young protagonists. Three years on from first picking up instruments and taking the stage together Operator Please have definitely arrived. This is what they had to say just after they came off stage at the Macbeth.

Hey guys, good set.

Thanks, was a lot of fun.

You all seem pretty hyped and non-sulky for a bunch of hormone-fuelled teenagers. Aren’t you supposed to be throwing tantrums, screaming at everyone and storming off stage and such?

No we’re pretty happy with the way things are going. The album is doing well and the gigs have been amazing. We really enjoyed tonight. The crowd seemed pretty into it. We can be a bit stroppy sometimes though, haha.

But don’t you sometimes feel like ditching the bright colours, major chords and euphoria of OP and starting a suicide-obsessed emo band or something? You could call it ‘I hate everything and am sick of the world’, or ‘everyone keeps blaming me for stuff I DIDN’T EVEN DO!’

No, I think we’ll stick with OP for the time being. I was never a fan of that sort of thing anyway. Too depressing!

So are you getting any time off while you’re here? Isn’t there anything you really want to do while you’re in London?

We want to go around central London again if we get a chance. We’ll probably spend a lot of our time travelling about, we have quite a few gigs to play. We’re off around Europe quite soon also. Still feel a bit jet-lagged right now.

What’s with the Rick Astley obsession? Did you guys start that rickroll?

Rickroll? No.

Did you know, much like Mr T, Astley ‘won’t get on no plane?' It’s the single reason he never became the biggest international megastar of all time - Never Gonna Give You Up topped every chart that mattered back in the 80’s.

He should have. He deserved so much more. There had to be a reason he never reached Jacko levels of fame and it’s not a lack of talent.

Have you heard Ashley Tisdale's version of Never Gonna Give You Up.

No, is it good?

No it’s fucking shit. I mean, why even try and take on the king?

Check out the Operator Please's website and their last fm and make sure to catch them at one of the many gigs they are playing in Europe over the next few weeks. 'Just a Song About Ping Pong' is out 30 June on Brille Records.

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