Introducing Bristol's very first 'coffee rave'


Written by Lisa Bartlett
28 Tuesday 28th April 2015

Loud music, vibrant colours and great company; sounds like a pretty average combination for party revellers city wide on a Friday in Bristol. Now add coffee and Caribbean dance workshops from 7.00am in the morning……hold the phone…..In the morning??? That’s right Bristol’s Food Connections event will be hosting the city’s first ever morning coffee rave. The morning will start with dance workshops to the sounds of the Caribbean – a mix of calypso, cumbia and merengue. 

With not a boozey drink in sight, the ravers will be encouraged to dress loud and dance proud; after their complimentary espresso shot and cinnamon roll of course! Extract Coffee Company, in St Werberghs will provide the warehouse venue for the event which will be held on the morning of 8th May from 7.00am to 10.00am.

Ravers can expect the finest New Dawn Traders’ espressos and spiced sipping chocolate with delicious Hart’s Bakery cinnamon rolls to kick start their day! And as if that wasn’t enough excitement to get your interest, those very coffee and cocoa beans will be making waves on their way over to us from the Dominican Republic. In the interest of reducing carbon emissions the beans will be travelling to England the old fashioned way - over the high seas, for the very first time since the last era of working sail aboard the pioneering engineless tall ship Tres Hombres.

Alex Geldenhuys, of New Dawn Traders, says: “As we speak these green beans are making their way from the Dominican Republic to our shores. Our exotic treasures are chosen for their exceptional taste and ethical goodness from soil to serving with a focus on fair transport as many people are not really aware of how damaging cargo shipping is.”

If you love coffee, raving and cinnamon rolls this event is for you! The rave will be held at Extract Coffee Roasters, Unit 1, Gatton Road, Avon, Bristol BS2 9SH.  Tickets are £8.00 (including a cinnamon bun and espresso or sipping chocolate) and will be available to buy through Food Connections web-site: 



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