It's A Don't Panic Halloween Playlist!


Written by Jack Blocker
29 Thursday 29th October 2015

'Tis the season readers! Come Saturday, you'll all be dressing up as ghouls and sexy cats as you prepare for a spooky house party full of scary cocktails and apple bobbing and whatnot. More likely, come Saturday, one of your pals will go "hey, it's Halloween" before you'll reply "oh yeah" or "what?" 

Whatever the case may be, I've mocked up an extra spooky mix to get you in the mood! I made it in Spotify, so I'm sorry if you don't have it, but I'm not prepared to waste my life making a playlist on YouTube.

I've broken down each song's reason for inclusion right here:

Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep - Mountain High

Phil Spector considers this his favourite song he ever produced. Couple that with Ike's track record as a wife-beater, and you've got one hell of a scary tune. 

Misfits - Last Caress 

Along with being about killing babies and raping mothers, hearing any song written by Glenn Danzig is enough to send you to a very dark place indeed. Some of you may think it would've made more sense to include the Misfits song that is literally called 'Halloween', but then it's not that kind of playlist, baby. Speaking of which...

DMX - Damien (Live at Woodstock '99)

What's better than listening to a volatile rapper with an extensive criminal record exorcise his demons with an internal voice that sounds like Chuckie? Why, it's hearing him do it live at a festival marred by violence, rape, arson, and Fred Durst! Honestly, it's horrible.

Crazy Titch - Singalong

The only Titch track to really be given a proper release, before he murdered someone and got a life sentence. Bonus! Here's that near dust-up he had with Dizzee back in the day. He is a terrifying man.

"I'm not a mook!" lol, classic.

Slayer - Angel of Death + Raining Blood

The most metal songs of all time for the most metal holiday of the year.

Jerry Lee Lewis - High School Confidential

When Jerry Lee Lewis wrote this song he was married to a 13-year-old who was also his cousin. That means she was actually too young to attend high school. Guys, my skin is crawling rn!

Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind

I won't front, I honestly think this is kind of a jam. But then I know a lot of people would consider a Paris Hilton track scarier than a driving test on a comedown, so it makes the cut.

Brujeria - El Patron

Los Angeles chicano DETH-METL merchants Brujeria wrote an ode to Pablo Escobar, the Columbian drug lord who left a trail of blood across his country - and beyond. I didn't really know much about Escobar until I watched Narcos on Netflix, so was unaware of his more egregious sins. Anyone else have no clue he blew up that plane? Mental.

Anyways, this song is more of a love-letter than anything. Quite sweet.

As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left

Former AILD frontman Tim Lambesis is currently serving a six year sentence for attempted solicitation of murder, after he tried to get a hitman to kill his wife. He was also the lead singer of a CHRISTIAN metalcore band! Freaky!

She & Him - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

If you can think of anything scarier than Zooey Deschanel and the guy from Death Cab For Cutie singing a duet of 'A Merry Little Christmas', then for the love of all that is holy please don't tell me. I wouldn't be able to cope.

Happy Halloween!

p.s. If you for some reason want anything added to this playlist please let me know

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