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Its not all about the music: Fat Freddy's Drop


Written by James Ratcliffe
29 Wednesday 29th January 2014

We caught up with Chopper, the badman behind the saxophone...

Fat Freddies drop has spanned over 15 years, performing all over the world. What is the most unexpected thing you have learnt?

That we could make a serious living from doing this. It was always the ambition, but I guess you're always looking over your shoulder for someone to say "Hey, you guys can't tour the world and perform to thousands of people with your crazy techno-dub-funk. That's something we had earmaked for someone a little more mainstream". Thankfully we're still at it.

Can you give us something that the UK needs, that New Zealand does better?

Rugby players with skill and vision. Beachs and native bush. Summer.

Favourite place to eat back home, any tips for our viewers if they are fortunate enough to make the trip?

The Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island - which is a 40 min ferry ride from Auckland where I live - is pretty good for seafood and fresh air. Pearl Garden in the city for yum cha. My place for pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven.

Best NZ Film and how do they compare to British films?

Smash Palace (1981) is a pretty heavy watch, but the acting (Greer Robson and Bruno Lawrence) is top drawer and Roger Donaldson directs superbly. I'd say on the whole NZ films are a bit grim – or atleast have a darker under current than British ones. Perhaps it's just our sence of humour is not as sharp as yours and we don't like laughing at ourselves so we're a bit too overwrought.

Last time you cried during a film?

I cry with laughter at almost every kids film I watch with my son. He's six and has a pretty infectious giggle.

Favourite part of NZ?

Bay of Islands, Hawkes Bay and Central Otago all offer amazing landscapes and a degree of solitude.

What is the best book/comic you have ready recently?

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre is a must read on misrepresentations of science, mainly by the media and product marketeers, in the medical world. I've been re-reading Calvin & Hobbes cartoons too - they help me understand my boy's point of view.

Favourite aspect of British life?

The multi-culturalism.

Finally, what's new for 2014?

Some new Fat Freddys Drop songs, we're back in the studio in March.

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