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Written by James Ratcliffe
11 Wednesday 11th June 2014

DJing can mean a lot of travelling, late nights and an irregular sleeping pattern, how do you unwind and relax?

For me being home for a few days, having my own bed, access to the gym, my blender for smoothies and being able to cook my own food ticks all the boxes!!

How does Birmingham's party scene compare to London?

It's hard for me to say now really, I haven’t lived in Birmingham for nearly four years so I’m not massively up on how its on there. From what I can see there are a lot of great artists playing there everywhere and I have friends running cool parties. Our parties Below have been amazing, we had dice on the courtyard for 400 people last week, ZiP and MR G the month before and The Martinez Brothers back on new years day, all amazingly vibing parties. The Rainbow venues always have solid bookings and my friends who run cloak & dagger / black dot seem to be working some great underground line ups.

I would say London obviously has a lot more events as its a bigger city which a much larger audience of people that live there and tourists visiting the city, so it is of course bigger, but birmingham seems to be rocking!!

One records has become one of the most respected labels in house music, what do you enjoy about running a record label?

Being able to release the music we love. The whole package of the artwork, the music and the vinyl really gets me excited.

Can you give us the best film(s) you have watched recently?

‘The Great Beauty’ by Paolo Sorrentino, amazing italian film based in Rome, great acting, story and sound track by an amazing director, all of his films are good. ‘The Prisoners’ was pretty good and I enjoyed watching ‘The Butler’. I love getting into decent films and documentaries. I watched Human Planet - Arctic - The Deep Freeze last night, superb!!

Best book/comic?

Michael Caine autobiography was good 

What is one of your highlight moments from Below over the years?

Doing my first live show with Beckford was great, theres so many great moments from the years.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Birmingham? Any tips for our readers?

Soya cafe is a great Vietnamese spot, the steam pork roles are the bomb.

What was your favourite cartoon/tv show growing up?

Ren & Stimpy was always pretty entertaining.

Where is your favourite place to party in the world? 

Panorama Bar or Below on the courtyard.

What are you looking forward to most about playing at Hideout festival?

I like playing on the stage, too much fun!

Is there something quite special about performing abroad at festivals, especially in the sunshine?

Yeh you can play slightly different, everyone is always buzzing too because the sun is out.

Whats next for Subb-an in 2014?

I have just finished an exciting remix for Mobilee, watch out for that. I have a huge live show tour showcasing some of the new album material which will be out later on in the year..

See Subb-An in Croatia at Hideout Festival
30th June - 3rd July.
For more details visit

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