Its not all about the music: The Heatwave


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03 Tuesday 03rd December 2013

Favourite Book / Comics?

The Beano! Dennis The Menace is a longtime hero. My favourite book is probably 1984, so prescient in how it describes our society. It's frightening how many of Orwell's bleak predictions about modern life have come to pass.

Best film you've recently watched, and why?

I saw Friends With Money recently, that was pretty funny and felt really different from most mainstream films. It's written and directed by a woman which is surprisingly and depressingly unusual for Hollywood.

Worst film you've recently watched, and why?

I don't have time to watch bad films or TV except bad ones that I love haha. Special mention to Sons Of Anarchy, pretty poor at times but always enjoyable.

Favourite place to eat in London?

This changes every day, but a particular favourite for me and Benjamin D was Hummingbird in Finsbury Park. It's closed down now and is sorely missed, so deserves a mention! Great Caribbean food.

Ten years is a long time to be running parties, what's the worst event you've run? Any horror stories?

Surprisingly few you know, things have pretty much always gone without a hitch, touch wood. People used to always think there would be loads of fights at our raves, but I think nowadays those prejudices and negative stereotypes about dancehall and bashment are vanishing as people see the amazingly positive crowds that The Heatwave attracts.

The Heatwave/Hot Wuk flyers are always well designed and definitely have their own style. Is there a particular visual artist that inspires you?

Our designer is an inspiration! Big up Andy at Devilmode in Bristol, he's made The Heatwave and Hot Wuk come alive in the last few years. Our first logo was made by Mitch from Straight No Chaser and his flyers for our Rhythm Factory dances back in 2005 were also wicked.

Any life lessons/tips for us?

Let me quote Chronixx: "Trend easy fi follow it nah easy fi set".

A Youtube video we need to see?

Ten Years Of The Heatwave: all the highlights from our first decade in the dancehall game.

Twerk or Dagger?

I'd go for a slow wine over either one. 

The Heatwave are on tour this month, gracing venues in Nottingham, Bristol, London and Leeds!

Grab your tickets here, and celebrate 10 years of Heatwave. Signal!!!

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