It's not all about the music: Tigerlight


Written by James Ratcliffe
18 Tuesday 18th March 2014

We were fortunate to catch up with her ahead of her performance in Bristol this friday for newly formed Roller.

Roller presents: Tigerlgiht
The Lanes
Fri 21st March

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Describe a typical day in the life of Tigerlight?
Walking my dog. Making music in whatever form the day dictates or requires, singing warm ups, hopefully working out, trying to not check facebook.

Favourite place to eat in London/Berlin/Helsinki?
Helsinki – my families home cooking
London – Pizza express (guilty pleasure) for the gluten free pizza
Berlin – Brasserie Lamazère over ‘west side’ for special occasions. Had one of the nicest meals in my life there at a family friend’s Birthday recently. East side of Berlin is definitely better for bars and clubs though.

How does London and Berlin's party scene compare?
In London you get an exciting and wider scope of genres but you tend to end up with higher entry and drink costs, plus shorter opening hours. Berlin’s clubs are a mix of sweaty dark warehouses and crazy creative spaces with amazing artwork and ‘set’ design. The scene for bass music is definitely smaller in Berlin as their love afair with Techno isn’t going anywhere but little parties are popping up and there’s nothing wrong with some solid techno.

Club Mate or Red Bull?
Club Mate! What kind of a question is that??!!

Where is your favourite place in Finland?
The countryside where I spent my summer’s as a kid running around the forest and swimming in the lakes it was magic.

Can you give me something the UK needs, that Finland does better?
Saunas and sauna culture being a normal part of life for everyone. There’s nothing like having a cider in the sauna and then rolling in the snow.

Favourite aspect of British culture?
The British sense of humour and warmth. Despite our love for complaining, we do always manage to do it with a smile and a sense of irony.

If you could live in any era of history, other than the present, which would you choose?
The future once we’ve worked out how to live in a sustatinable and equal way. That’s of course if we ever do and don’t just consume ourselves into an apocolypse. I have hope though.

Last time you cried during a film?
Can’t remember lately although I am sure I have but I defininitely cried when Simba’s Dad died when I watched the Lion King as a kid.

Best book/comic you have read recently?
Tim Ferris’s four hour series. I love him, he always has a really smart way of looking at work and about how working hard isn’t always working smart. It’s something that effects the creative industry a lot.

Finally, what's new for Tigerlight in 2014?
Taking over the world with my army of shape shifting lizards from outer space. We have already successfully infultratied the British monarchy and are setting our sights on Berlin’s Techno scene. We make tunes, play tunes, sing tunes, eat tunes and travel and perform across the world as we go.  

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