Jan Driver


Written by Olivia Patt
16 Sunday 16th October 2011

Jan Driver - Dozer

You’ve been in the game since 1993, making and releasing music; why have you waited until now to release a full length album?

I was not really waiting, I like to release tracks that I make instantly, so I just never had enough tracks collected or planned to make an album. Amatilda just happened to me. Here we go - I made a handful of tracks and then I decided to release them as an album.

We’ve been trying to work this out – what does Amatilda mean?

I must admit, Amatilda is just a fantasy word/name - not more, not less. I just had the word in my head after waking up one day and I really liked how it sounded!

Can you tell us about your process when you were making the album?

I was working on different projects for lots of artists and my own output was quite low for a long period of time. So one day I decided to do some more studio sessions for myself after the daily studio work, and then just see what happened. I’m very fast at arranging tracks and it was working out so well that I nearly had a full album done after three weeks. After Alex [Ridha, aka Boys Noize] and I decided to make an album, I did a few more tracks later on, so I had a nice "pool" to choose from. The live elements that you can hear on the album, e.g. the live drums, are mostly taken from little extra sessions that I did besides my "normal" production work. I’m collecting sounds all the time!

Jan Driver - Golden Super

The album encompasses all sorts of genres – techno, disco, heavy bassline – without feeling messy. Do you feel the album is a good illustration of all the experience you’ve gained along the way?

YES! I think the album gives a good picture of what I like! As it was not planned to be a Jan Driver album, it has a wide variety of styles / sounds. I was playing around with all the stuff that I’ve ever wanted to do and - here we are!

You’ve worked with some amazing people; is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?

The Meters: check out their brums!

What new stuff impresses you at the moment?

Anstam (50 Weapons).

The album’s out now – what comes next?

I’m asked for a few mixing and production jobs and I’m working on some remixes too. Also, I still have a few more tracks flying around, that I might release later on my own label GrandPetrol Recordings or Boys Noize Records.

And finally; we read that you created a track for Boys Noize new Acid House compilation on your iPhone. True, or just an electro-rumour?

Could be true.


Well on that mysterious note head to BNR to find out more on the album, and to Jan Driver’s Soundcloud for track snippets.

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