Jon K & Samrai


Written by Sinan Jefferies
Photos and illustrations by Rachel Mcfarlane
15 Wednesday 15th June 2011

In 10 years from now, there will be no such thing as a DJ. Fact.

If, in 2012, if we've not already been poisoned by killer cucumbers or bludgened to death by lifeless birds falling from the sky, then it will be technology that hung the DeeJay. A club's music selection will be determined by constant Facebook polls projected directly into your pathetic soul (a new technology) and drinks will be pissed onto revellers by flying robotic aardvark. Fact.

So, it's clear we best appreciate our DJs while they still exist! But, with such limited time left, who shall we listen to? The answer - Manchester's Mixtape Masters: Jon K & Samrai!

Two of the city's most humble and widely respected disc jockeys, their mixtapes set them apart as being amongst the best selecters Manchester has to offer, and they've kindly given us two FREE mixes to give away to Don't Panic readers. Hosted by the legendary Chunky, the mixes are available for download below. 

Hotmilk Selections

An after the fact mix of a set on Nov. 14th 2008 at Manchester's premier reggae and dancehall night Hot Milk. Right hand mouse click here to download!
Yard Beat
An old time meets up to di time mix up of conscious slackness and rudeboy righteousness from the UK to JA and back. Right hand mouse click here to download! 
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