Juno Watt


Written by Marlon Dolcy
08 Wednesday 08th December 2010


Juno Watt is a tremendous talent, whose music ranges from euphoric to mildly aggressive, but with one eye always on the melody, his vocals being bitter sweet and his lyrics top of the range. His debut track “No Chances” is released on Monday 13th. Don’t Panic had a chat with him before the release
Your real name is Henry Alan Arthur Buckle. Why Juno Watt?
It’s taken from the commonly coined phrase “Do You Know What?!” As I never have a response to this question, in my mind, this phrase developed into a character and crept its way into my life. Also Juno, particularly the 106, is a serious synth and Watt is a unit of electricity. It was meant to be. Now I hear people saying my name everywhere I go.
Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your music?

I started “making” music when I was 17 and then started making music when I was 19. The first music I made involved me “wierding” out on my computers microphone and really shady production backing it. I hope to revisit some of these tunes some time. When I hit 19 I teamed up with Trufix and worked on a project called Flatbox in my mum’s cellar back in Kent. It was hazy and damp. Soon after, we both stumbled across Mi7 and have been there ever since working up the ranks from sleeping on the sofas and making tea up to getting on the production and mixing. I guess my aim is to make jaws genuinely drop in awe as appose to going for shock factor. I want the music to do the talking.


Congratulations on your new track ‘No Chances’ it’s a blinder. Why call it this?
 Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. The song is a general rant at everything and mental deterioration. You can take everything in the world from somebody but you can’t rob them of their thoughts, well, you’d hope not…
 You have done a few remixes, who would be your ideal collaboration?
 I don’t really have an ideal person to remix as there’s so much great music out there. I guess just getting a chance to remix tracks that are really well produced and mixed keeps me ticking. Though I’d love to shadow a whole range of producer’s: Deadmau5, Timberland, Daft Punk, Noisia are just a few…
You’re managed by your grandfather, what is this like?
It’s alright, he’s a lazy prick. Needs to stop drinking and smoking. To be honest I have to rely on myself to pull off what I do...
What is your biggest achievement within the music industry?
Meeting Mi7. That’s kind of set me up for life. I recently mixed down Thunderskanks remix of Gyptian, it’s the exclusive promotional track for the Ministry of Sound Dubstep 2010 compilation (it’s a bad man tune as well). Pretty chuffed with that. As Juno Watt I’d say “No Chances” is my biggest achievement. It’s my first proper solo release and I’m singing on it which pleases me. It’s also got great feedback, I’m thrilled to hear that people are really getting into it and enjoying it.
Your mix tape is coming out soon. What can we expect from it?
 This is something I’ve been working out for a while. I don’t want to just do the standard mixing tracks so I’m editing the whole lot, adding top lines, remixing, chucking in exclusives and a few other cheeky bits and bobs.
Could you describe your music production process? For example where would you get ideas for certain sounds, samples and melodies?
I guess you’d have to see it for yourself; I’m working on getting video feeds in the studio so people can get an insight. I start in different ways all the time. I like build my own samples and then put them into an mpc style controller to get them grooving and funking about. Last week I got Geoff (Mi7) to lay some live drums down on my remix of Giovanna “Out In Bold” to give a rocky vibe. I just do whatever I’m hearing in my head with whatever’s close to pull off the job. I love synthesis and chucking them through fat filters and distortion boxes.
One thing I would say I always take into consideration is the way humans perceive sound. We can only hear one sound at a time. Next time you find yourself somewhere noisy try and focus on the quietest sound you can hear and see how long that lasts. It won’t be very long I can assure you, loads of other sounds creep in and distract you from the one you’re tuning into to. The rest of the sound you think you are hearing is just an audio illusion that your brain has created to give a sense of everything else. It’s the same as sight. You only actually see 15% of what’s in the centre. The rest is a mush of colour that you’re assuming is the same as it was when you actually saw it. Working with this principal I’m constantly trying to steer the listener to the forefront elements whilst giving the sense of a space with the background elements.
What is it like working with King Charles?
To be honest I never worked that closely with Charles on the album, more hung out. I got dragged in on the occasional mixdown. I was doing the remixes more. What I can say is that the music is insanely original and well executed. Charles is a safe character too. I’m sure we’ll collab on something in the future.
Juno Watt’s new track No Chances, released on King Charles' label- Mi7 Records on 13th December. Listen and buy here

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