KALLIDA: A festival in a 19th Century stately home.


Written by Gabriel Mathews
20 Thursday 20th July 2017

The festival is a collaboration between the teams’ favourite artists, musicians, DJs and set designers, all coming together to produce an experience that is both immersive and totally unique - expect a fantastic array of visual installations and absorbing design.

The daytime will see live sets from some of the UK’s most exciting soul, electronica, hip hop and afrobeat bands, such as Nubiyan Twist​, Bambooman​, Nilüfer Yanya​, Vels Trio​ and K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade​; ​all surrounded by 130 acres of Welsh countryside in an area of truly outstanding natural beauty.

As the sun disappears the party moves inside where some of KALLIDA’s favourite DJs from across the musical spectrum will be performing in takeovers from The Night Kitchen, Party For The People, Liquid Steel Sound, Off Me Nut Records, Green Bay Wax and more.

We had a chat with the team to find out what’s what.

Who makes up the KALLIDA team and how did you all ended up working together?

Dan and I have know each other for almost 10 years. Much of the rest of core team I've know for almost that, from working on events together or just partying together. There was no interviews or calls to recruit new members really, it's happened kinda organically.

How did KALLIDA come about? How long has it been a project in the making?

We'd been discussing the idea of putting on a large event like this for a long time but it didn't kick into gear until about 2 years ago. We'd all been working in similar areas for quite a while so it's seemed like a natural progression to step it up to something like this. Once we'd decided on concept and got a venue sorted it's been full steam ahead ever since.

What was the most challenging part about making it happen?

Finding a good venue was definitely the biggest hurdle to start off with. Then I guess learning as we went on how to operate a business properly! Sounds boring but it's basically 90% of putting on this kinda thing. The creative bit's the easy part!

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If you were going to try and convince someone to come to your festival with one line, what would that be?

If you like underground music, visual art and flushing toilets, we're the festival for you!

Both the music and art seem to play just as an important role. What about the two are you particularly excited about?

I've been to plenty of festivals and music events where the music has been great but the atmosphere is flat cos visually it wasn't stimulating. Likewise I've been to lots of great art exhibitions where I've thought - it would be great to have a party in here with all this going on!

Favourite festival and why?

I mean the easy and short answer is Glastonbury, most of our team have been going for a good while now and it's a big influence. It's kinda shows the extent of what's possible, and they keep pushing that limit year on year. Others that we also love as a group are Shambala, Nowhere and Bangface.

Best moment from a festival?

Pretty hard to pin down! Torn between Beyoncé on the Pyramid stage or sunrises at Block9 are usually pretty special. But there's too many to count!

Worst moment from a festival?

They're rare but probably the early shut down of Bloc in London. Mainly cos it had such potential as an event however just wasn't meant to be.  

If money was no object, where would you have your festival, who would play and what artists would be involved?

Probably in a Bamboo forest in Japan with Erika badu and Nas headlining with The Roots as the backing band. Oh yeah and Omar S djing after...

Finally, what would be your words of advice to someone wanting to set up their own festival?

Be realistic to start off with and make sure you're offering something new. Seems simple but it's a competitive market and you need to stand out to survive.

Thanks guys - see you there!


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