Kelly Twins Mix & Interview for Farmfest


Written by James Ratcliffe
25 Wednesday 25th June 2014

Other Bristol locals, Shapes, are also joining the party, having announced their lineup for their stage last week. They are also offering a discounted ticket link for only for £45 from this link!

The Kelly Twins Interview:

Hey, howʼs life?

Life is good! We are both incredibly busy, but that’s a good thing right?

Where are you right now and what’s the best thing you can see?

I’m sat in my girlfriend’s living room. The best thing I can see right now is Henry Hoover: I like household appliances with faces.

How are you Twins? Do you share any vital organs?

We are twins in the monozygotic sense i.e. we are from the same egg. Thankfully, we don't share any organs. We were brought up at exactly the same time and in exactly the same way. So our thought processes are very similar but that’s as far as it goes I’m afraid.

How often do you hang out? 

We see each other about once a week but we talk most days. It's quite easy to have space because we don't actually live together. We get on better if we don't see each other every day.

Well we’re looking forward to having you together here, have you ever been to Somerset? 

We went to Butlins in Minehead when we were kids. I'm considering going again next year. 

What’s your experience of festivals?

That the best can also be the worst. I remember using a towel as a quilt and a toilet roll as a pillow and having to hitch hike home. Did have a great time though.

Friesian or Jersey?


Suit yourself. Which colour top on your milk?

Green top 

The all-purpose milk. Farmfest has really put a fox amongst the turkeys on the DJ front this year. 

Who are you hoping to catch?

Really looking to checking Romare, my mate gave me a white label of his release on Black Acre a while back and I was really feeling it. He has a very interesting approach to his music.

What’s the influence of Bristol for you? Whatʼs your creative process?

On a creative and vibe level, Bristol is very inspiring but in a musical sense I don't think we draw huge influence from Bristol. As a label and as DJs we like to look further afield. The Dutch electro / acid scene has always been massively influential to us as is the raw aesthetic of early Chicago house. Our style is not location specific in any way; we just play whatever takes our fancy at that time. Bristol, Detroit whatever. Where it comes from is not important, what it sounds like and how it makes you feel is what really matters. Our creative process basically involves getting high, jamming a load of records together and hoping that people get it. This method has served us well so far.

What can we expect from your set at Farmfest?

We don't know yet! Guess you will have to wait and see.

What is your best professional moment so far?

Starting our record label [Happy Skull]. Creating something of substance and making a mark, even if it is a very small one. It’s something we are both very proud of.

Whatʼs your favourite music video? 

East 17 - Stay Another Day. It’s so bad it comes full circle and is actually amazing. Brian Harvey’s head floating in space and those PVC trousers. It works on many different levels.

Monoculture or polyculture?

Polyculture. We don’t play one record so don’t grow one crop!

Well exactly. Battery farming or main’s sockets?


Oh. What musicʼs playing when The Kelly Twins close the converted barn door for the night and turns the electric candles down lowww?

It’s got to be some soulful RnB like Jill Scott or Angie Stone. You can’t go wrong with the old boogie slow jams and if we are feeling a bit cheeky maybe some new jack swing.

Give us the best track we probably havenʼt heard

The future - 4JG ; An early Human League demo. So stripped back and rugged, still sounds next level.

Favourite film soundtrack? 

It’s not quite a film but the soundtrack from Twin Peaks is up there. All of the music is kind of twee, but ever so slightly off kilter. The way it is used throughout the series is incredible too, the same composition used in different ways to fit the atmosphere and narrative. Then sometimes it doesn't fit the narrative at all. It's a bit of a mind fuck, but in quite a subtle and pleasant way.

The EU’s flawed agricultural policies famously created huge Milk Lakes and Butter Mountains which are hard to find if I’m honest. What food and drink feature would you make?

Caramel rain.

The film Babe features a tiny talking pig pretending to be a sheep dog, how do you like your bacon?

Preferably not arresting us.

Thanks both. See you soon on the farm. Muck out, tune in and rock on.

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