Kill Your Co-Workers


Written by Marlon Dolcy
19 Tuesday 19th October 2010

The new video by Flying Lotus is literally out of this world. Welcome to pattern grid world, filled with patterned grid people and its patterned carnival time! There is snakes, people on stilts, and robots. But when Rhon disses the robots, kill mode is switched on and the video does what it says on the tin.
This collaboration between the highly acclaimed electro musician Steven Ellison Flying Lotus and the animator Beeple strongly explores the relationship between man and machine better than 2001: Space Odyssey could ever do. Yeah it’s disturbing but what do you expect from the post-Colombine generation?
A man gets split in two splatting blood all over the place. A woman gets decapitated. A man’s arms are ripped off. One dude is sawn in half. A head is used as a football. A robot searches for a human then kicks him to smithereens. Another robot is randomly shooting people. Only when Rhon apologizes, (missing a body) that things resort back to normal. From kill a dude to kiss a dude.
A wicked follow up to Cosmogramma, with his latest EP Pattern+Grid World Flying Lotus is practically shitting on everyone else in the game. He’s also got me thinking, how great it would be if you could get away with programming an army of killer robots to dispose of your co-workers.  Well come on admit it, we all have that thought every once in a while.
Flying Lotus plays Koko in London on October 26.

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