Kommon Knowledge


Written by Josh Morris
10 Wednesday 10th April 2013



Kommon Knowledge by Fiveone on Mixcloud



Jamie Wallis

DJ Name:



January 1989

Country of Origin:


Genre/s of mix:

House, Bass, Teckers!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what makes you different?

My name is FiveOne, I’m 24 and live in south-west London. I’m a carpenter by day and drunken mess by night. I love all styles of music and can’t say I will stick to one genre throughout a set.

How did you get into becoming a DJ? 

I have been mixing for the last 7 years. It all started in a mates garage with a sketchy setup and a stack of techno.

Name one track you couldn’t live without. 

93 till infinity - souls of mischief

Who do you think is making the most impact on the music scene at the moment?

Claude  Vonstroke and the Dirtybird crew, Lorenzo, Hannah Wants, Waze & Odyssey and Ejeca. There are too many to name really!

Have you ever performed live?

Yeah, I love it!

What is your most memorable DJ experience?

Playing to a crowd of about 150 a few months back at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park. I was playing a lot of dirty ghetto house and Birmingham house, people were going mad for it!

What’s your most embarrassing moment ?

Everyones done it once. Bringing the wrong channel up and not realising until the other song finished.......FML!

Who is your idol?

Good question! I would love to make it big like the Dirtybird crew. A collective of mates all traveling around the globe together smashing dances in different cities. That would be happy days.

Wotsits or Quavers?

Wotsits when on a solo mission, otherwise quavers!

What is your weapon of mass intoxication?

Brandy and coke

Smirnoff Ice or Lambrini?

Haha well, Smirnoff Ice I guess

Do aliens exist?

Yeah I hang about with a couple of them on weekends!

If you could choose a celebrity wife, who would it be?

Cameron Diaz a few years back. She is dayyymnn sexy!



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