La La Vasquez


Written by Johny Chhetri
31 Tuesday 31st August 2010

La La Vasquez are an all-girl three-piece punk outfit hailing from London who have big things coming their way. They’ve got stuff coming out very soon on M’Lady’s Records, meaning a 7” vinyl featuring tracks such as Buoy, Don't Rush Me, Why? and Dairy Queen, a slot at Offset Festival and recently played at the Yes Way festival – a celebration of UK D.I.Y run by none-other than promoters Upset The Rhythm.
You can get their current 7” on Captured Tracks featuring songs like Mexican Ghost (on a Boat), Hello? and the delicately aggressive Clare Savage (via Twin Grrrl Records). I sent guitarist Freya Watson an e-mail which had a few questions; she was kind enough to send one back with answers! Hurrah!
Who are you and what do you do in La La Vasquez?
Freya, guitar and vocals; Merida, bass and vocals; and Rachael, drums and vocals.
Seeing as you possibly named your band after her, would it be fair to say that reality TV host/ MTV VJ La La Vasquez was quite an inspiration on your lives?
Nah. She has no inspiration on our lives, quite the opposite. We don't want to be three girls who rely on the fame/fortune of our other halves. The name is pretty tongue in cheek.
Any other inspirations?
Words that rhyme are pretty inspiring.
Favourite song(s)?
This question is too difficult; I don't think I want to attempt it.
Favourite venue(s) to play?
I like playing Barden’s Boudoir, the sound guy is really sweet. We like small venues, not where we are standing on a massive stage, it just makes you feel a bit dumb.

How was the tour? Did anything memorable happen?
What happened on tour stays on tour.
Did anything you're ashamed of telling anyone happen on tour? If so, do tell.
See above.
Has touring taught you any invaluable lessons?
That people in Belfast rule and Buckfast doesn't. Bleurgh.
Who is Clare Savage? Did she teach you any invaluable lessons?
Clare Savage is in the past... Just a song now, not even a very good one.
Are there any bands out there that you wanna give 'major props' too?
Girls Names <3
What have you got planned for the next few months or so?
Mainly work and school. We are not going to play many shows this month. Hopefully gonna get cracking on writing some more songs for an album. 7" on M'lady's is still to come which we are pretty excited about! We also are touring the UK again soon and playing Offset festival.
And finally, have you got a message for the youth of today?
Don’t eat a bad bad naan.

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  • Guest: 1234
    Thu 24 - Nov - 2011, 02:51
    All women are a colour, stooooooopidddd!!!
  • Guest: meh.ugh
    Tue 05 - Apr - 2011, 22:05
    As a fan of punk and a woman of color, I take offense to that "whore" comment. Typical MANarchy--radical in thought, except when it comes to women. How pathetic. Anyhow, good interview.