Laurel Collective


Written by Seun Mustapha
21 Monday 21st April 2008

Laurel Collective aren’t sitting on theirs. The math-rock sextet are not only doing gigs and recording tracks, but organizing their own secret festival as well. Shorn had a word...

Anybody out there concerned that the current ‘splittings-of-ways’ happening between everyone from the Prodigy to Radiohead and their respective labels due to the ‘current economic climate’ draining every last penny from the industry at large will leave us high and dry with no new decent bands to listen to, fear not.

All these bands have just jumped ship and gone back to doing things the way indie bands were supposed to before ‘indie’ became a byword for ‘fashion idiots with stupid haircuts’, i.e. stuff like not depending on a big company to do everything for you.

One of the bands pioneering the new way of thinking is the Laurel Collective, when I first helped interview the band a little over a year ago the guys were nowt but an over-excited bunch of young, idealistic math-rock upstarts, just signed to Domino and attempting to marry indie-pop sensibilities, math-core and dual vocals with unconventional song structures and a democratic writing process. Amazingly the band managed to pull this unenviable task off pretty well, delivering a coherent and well-thought-out debut album Feel Good Hits of a Nuclear Winter towards the tail end of '08.

Well a year on and the collective have left Domino and are holed up in a converted studio space under the Thames recording demo’s for their forthcoming single which is going to come in the form of a 7” vinyl with a punch-out 5” CD and a cover that somehow turns into an mp3.

So how are things going with the recording? Rob: Too well to be honest, it’s like we’ve spent so much time playing live through all sorts of crazy shit that being back in a totally controlled studio setting sort of feels like we’re too tight. We’re starting to sound like one person or a machine or something. We’re going to have to get on the whiskey just to give it us that ‘human’ edge again.

Were you drinking when you came up with the idea for your new single release?

Rob: Haha, we just want to do something different for this one. We’re not with a label anymore so we don’t have to worry about the predictably safe ‘label’ way of thinking, we can just try something new if we like and something else next time if that doesn’t work out.

Martin: It can sound more like we would want it to be other than having to make a typical kind of ‘single’, it is going to be released through a bigger media partner but we aren’t going to end up stuck with them forever like with a record label.

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