Written by Seun Mustapha
13 Friday 13th June 2008

Hey guys.


What is Lazersnake in your own words?

Evan: Lazersnake is a sharing circle.

What made you form the band? Scott, when your DJ name Cartridge, didn't you used to make evil-as-fuck dance music? Bit of a transition no?

Scott: Well, I had all sorts of musical influences - I became known for making really hard and dark stuff, but once that became what was expected of me it started to feel like a trap. I just kept changing, and this is where I ended up!

Everyone is totally obsessed with your look. Are you really that freaky and different from the rest of the Canadian band community?

Jimmy: Yeah, we wear the same clothes as them. But it has to look cool.

S: But there's definitely something off about the way we do it.

E: Yeah, it's cheap.


So you have your Oceanic album out. How is that doin’ for ya?

J: We had a huge vortex on erasing the album earlier. I wasn't thinking about what it sounded like.

S: Yeah, we think that some people would really like us to never have made it at all.

If you guys got huge and got ten mil to do an overblown concept album what would the concept be?

S: It's about the sky. And we're already doing it!

E: "Yeah, we'd still end up with $9,999,000 to spend on something else!

S: Seriously. We just bought all our dream gear.

J: Yeah. And it only cost Scott's credit card.

What’s the best thing happening in Canada at the moment?

J: I'm really liking the spring.

E: Yeah, spring is good.

S: I don't really follow current events.

Keep an eye out for these guys when they finally hit the UK but don't hold your breath, it's long overdue. Check the myspace here.

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