Let's Wrestle at The Aquarium


Written by Seun Mustapha
07 Monday 07th July 2008

Well Let’s Wrestle are pretty much there. Taking their moniker from a book of drawerings (sic) by cult illustrator David Shrigley, they fail on originality but it’s A stars all the way when it comes to catchiness of name and representation of music. Much like Shrigley, Let’s Wrestle are the sort of band you’ll love completely or fail to understand in any way whatsoever. Also, like Shrigley, the debate as to whether the band is made of fail or pure genius rages across music magazines, forums and between drunken gig goers across the country. The band has definitely managed to make a splash, releasing music and playing gigs all over the country and beyond, They have just released a new single last week and all before puberty!

The band (well lead singer Wesley) recently had some of his Shrigley inspired artwork featured at an exclusive exhibition at the Aquarium Gallery. That's where we met the band.

Wow, so there's some really good artwork here. I'm guessing that's the work you guys submitted as it's the same as the new single cover.

Wesley: Yeah, I drew that myself a few days back. We liked it enough to make it the cover of the record.

So have you all submitted work?

W: No just me, the others weren't so into the idea.

Is this stuff for sale? Rock'n'roll memerobelia is big business amirite?

W: Yeah it's for sale. The PR tried to give it some pretty pretentious prices. Each one of these paintings was supposed to be going for £100. I saw it and literally went around the gallery making new signs that said £5 and replacing them.

Wow, thats like 95 percent off by order of the artist.

W: I really couldn't take it seriously at £100 a picture.

The pictures are interesting anyway. Think you'll shift them?

W: Hopefully, if I get rid of all of them I should have earned enough to get as drunk again as I was when I drew them. It could become a cyclical thing.

Looks very inspired by David Shrigley.

W: Yeah, I've always been into him.

I guessed that's where the band name came from?

W: I guess, sort of.

It's a better name than 'Ants are having sex in your beer' though.

W: Slightly.

And a cyclical thing is always good. Especially in the art world.

W: Umm, OK, yeah. I just need to go and get myself another beer, want one?

Sure, why not. I mean this is an art show right?

You can check out the collective artworks of the Stolen Recordings family at The Aquarium on Farringdon Road (the road near Fabric). There are works of all types and skill levels and prices to suit all budgets. Get on dahn' and grab yourself a bit of rock and roll history whilst the grabbings good. Check Let's Wrestle out at one of the many shows they have on this summer and here at their myspace.

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